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by on September 11, 2022
The sun was not far from setting as the last train of the day lumbered into Ponyville Station. Only a few ponies filtered out when the doors open; the last train is rarely the most popular, and is typically only taken by those who missed their intended earlier ride. One of the last among them was a silver mare, stiff from her journey. She stopped for a moment to consult the Ponyville map. The Equestria Historical Society had lined up accommodation for her outside of town, near a Clock Tower. ...
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by on September 3, 2022
I find myself once again within the confines of a website, one of which my 7th Wall has not graced in a while. I had begun to think he had forgotten me, but then I remember that I occupy at least a small portion of his mind. Not a fully actualized member of his collective consciousness, but on the edges, where most characters exist. I can see myself talking, the text appearing as I speak and write. Existence, multi-dimensionally, is strange when you are aware of the formats you exist in. This le...
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by on July 28, 2022
Recently, I’ve been wondering if this whole thing was worth it. This kind of question has been in my head for about 2 years. Maybe this fandom isn’t for me, I mean in real life I can barely have a conversation. So why should I be here? Maybe I just don’t deserve to be in a forum. Why am I telling you all of this? I’m pretty sure nobody (or nopony) would even care if I leave or not, after all I’m just “another user.” All of the pessimistic posts were basically how I feel in real life. I have f...
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by on July 23, 2022
What’s in a friend. A unique, unsolved mystery. Is it something that we cherish. Or is it something that we relinquish. They are able to warm you during a cold night. But they are capable of ruining you in the blink of an eye. They might let a bird fly. But they might leave you alone to cry. How can we recognize these flaws. Everyone can be different in their own world. Loneliness is not pretty. Please don’t believe in popularity. (Just a small poem I made a few years ago now w...
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by on June 14, 2022
//Just trying out something new. Wanted to see if I could RP a song as someone who isn't musically prone, but wanted to sing a song she liked. It was deep into the night in Canterlot where the only life that inhabited the lower portion were those in the nightlife scene. A bar known more by the locals was well lit with open signs, the words "The Singing Tuna" with a fish that looked side then leaned away was lit with a bright yellow light. Under the that were double doors with a large window ...
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by on May 24, 2022
(Okie dokie! Let's do a new episode, shall we? In this one, we find our heroes returning to the Elements of Insanity universe. Stishoe, Stickman's Elements of Insanity counterpart, has trouble brewing in the EOI universe. Stickman and his friends must restore the EOI's powers after they are stolen by Stishoe. But how sane can you be in this universe? Find out... -Stickman) CHAPTER 1: THE MADNESS BEGINS Our story begins in the Elements of Insanity universe. In Stishoe's hideout, trouble was...
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by on February 17, 2022
(How about we do a new story? This one has a sense of mystery and, as the title suggests, tragedy. This one is set in present day, after the events of Operation: Final Battle 6. So basically we're seeing Stickman as his sentient reign self in story form for the first time here. The story? Well... Let's set the scene. Sentient Reign Stickman and his friends happen upon a mysterious theater in Equestria that's been seeing disappearances of ponies for the past few... months. However, once they step...
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by on February 17, 2022
Hasbro has officially announced 3 different content coming soon to both Netflix and Youtube. The first content to be released will be a 2D animated series that will air on Youtube on April 7th called: My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. This 2D animated series will still consist of our Mane 5 cast of ponies. The second content announced will be a 3D animated special called: My Little Pony: Make Your Mark. Alongside that, Hasbro also announced a 3D animated series which will also use the title "M...
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by on February 5, 2022
Simple Chibi (bottom right) $5 1 day Chibi (top right) $10 2 days Standard Fullbody $15-$20 1 week yes, hi, it's me! I'm doing commissions again!! been a long while, but here's an updated style guide/price list c: had to take a break for a while after a few experiences that wrecked my confidence and art style. I'm now comfortable enough with both to re-establish the whole drawing-art-for-money thing that I used to do a year and a half ago, yay,, the list format tells you what ...
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by on January 4, 2022
hello my bffs my sis is minty sweet and I thank eveyone who ae bff with me
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by on December 29, 2021
hello my bffs. I joined today and I have 5 friends already!!!!!!!! I thank them to making me one of their friends!!!! from your dear friend, minty sweet
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by on November 3, 2021
Greetings, today we have the apatosaurus. Apatosaurus is a large sauropod which originated in North equestria during the late Jurassic period. Reaching up to twenty-seven meters in length, Apatosaurus is a gentle giant with a small head in comparison to its body. studies suggest that Apatosaurus could crack its tail like a whip, producing a sonic boom in excess of 200 decibels, which would have been loud enough to kill a pony from the shockwave alone This makes the tail a perfect weapon against ...
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