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Artists of canterlot ((that do commissions))
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Welcome to "Artists of canterlot ((that do commissions)) " This page is meant to be a handy guide to find your local artist who looking for commissions! However, to avoid scammers/bad ponies. the only artists on this page are ones i have personally hired. PLEASE! if you have hired any of the people listed on this page, PLEASE post more of there work as a comment. if you are a artist you may as well. If you would like to be on this page. send me a pm List of artists ((text only, look at the feed to see photo 1. Artist: LonnaKitty Gallery: Prices: Paid: 25$ art EX: Feelings: She has that "up and coming" art style, but unlike most people she puts in a lot more detail and work then most Artist do. I'd recommend her to anyone that wants a "slightly more detailed and stylized" normal mlp pony look. 2. Artist: Despair (Keltic Ties) Gallery: extra site: price sheet: paid: 30$ art ex: feelings: She has that "professional artist" style, clean the right amount of details and it's extremely consistent in her work. I'd recommend her to anyone that wants that "professional" look but doesn't want to spend a ton of money. extra: she often live streams herself drawing the art. fun to watch ((no voice only music)) 3. Artist: Cloud Dreamer Gallery: Price sheet: paid: 20$ art ex: feeling: She has that "dark gritty" look that kinda feels like it belongs in it's own world. it's rather amazing for some one so new to the art world. I'd recommend her to anyone that's got a "darker" pony. not just "evil" but anyone has a sad, or gritty oc. 4. Artist: dibby Gallery: Extra site: Price sheet: paid: 96$ ((disclaimer: paid more as a act of charity) art ex: feelings: She has that "cartoon evil" look. For she draws some evil looking ponies, but they still seem "soft and cute" . she's also one of the few that can do extremity "dark" and "bloody" art AND super cute "Friend" art I'd recommend her to anyone that's after something that looks different from the way most ponies are drawn. 5.Artist: Cherry Tune Gallery: Preferred contact: discord: Cinnamon Roll#7077 price sheet: Paid: 20$ art ex: feelings: She has that "traditional" look. it's cute, simple and close to the show! I like how everything feels "clean" that clean you get from not overloading a piece pf art with to much detail. I'd recommend her for people who want to gift art or want a extra bit of oc art. for at 15$ it's quite cheap to get some art 6.Artist: Rart Police Gallerys: and price sheets: and Paid: 10$ art ex: feelings: she has two, rather contrasting styles. One i would call "high end commissioner" lots of shading, lots of detail amazing backgrounds, everything about it screams high end. though the price is "high end" too. and on the other hand she has i want to call it "sticker art" just simple goofy little bits of art that are fun to look at, and is a bit silly. i'd I'd recommend her to anyone that wants a "main piece" of there oc . and anyone that has like 5$ to blow, it's worth it 7.Artist: eclipse.velvet Gallery: Price sheet: Art ex: Feelings: she has that "advanced traditional" for it looks like something out of mlp, but with a TON more work and detail. to the point ware it stands out from most artists that stay close to the source. I'd recommend her to anyone that wants a piece of art, for cost to quality range it can't be beat. though i think frist time buyers would be best. 8. Artist: Amethyst the Hippogriff Gallery: Price sheet: ((lots of custom css)) Paid: 15$ Feelings: she has this "deviant art traditional" something about the art screams "high end deviant art" now, she normally does ponies, but this dip into anthro came out rather well! though the whale is the best part, i like how she put detail in ware you're looking and didn't waste time on random parts. i'd recommend her for anyone that needs extra art of there oc , or if you're some one that wants a good background with the art Art ex: 9. Artist: Rough Winds Gallery: Price sheet: Paid: 20$ Feelings: he has as "new age comic book" he also has this "Signature face" on all of his art that looks amazing. he's also one of the few that "dark grimy" look you would see in fallout and similar themes. I also liked that during the processes he asked about small details most artists wouldn't ((like what kind of beer he had)) I would recommend him for anyone that has a apocalyptic pony or just a lone wolf type of oc Art ex: 10. Artist: Moi Gallery: Price sheet: Paid: 35$ Feelings: she has this like "simpsons traditional" that's unlike I've seen before, most of the bodies look normal but that faces scream oldish cartoons. the best part about her is her speed, i can't promise she will keep it up, but both times i hired her she got in down in under 24 hours. so add that with the fact she's willing to do silly stuff and you have a great artist. i'd recommend her for anyone that has a silly idea or dosn't like to wait that long Art ex:
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