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Publish Date: December 11, 2017
Welcome to the official page for Canterlot Avenue Development
Here, you will find news and updates regarding the maintenance of the site and the development of new features. You may also report any bugs encountered here.
Check CA server status at:
Provide general CA feedback at:

  • Newly discovered bugs/issues
  • Feedback on our updates
  • Bug reports which have already been posted/acknowledged here
  • 504 Errors. Go to Poniverse for that.
  • Memes/shitposts
  • Implementation/implementation bias
  • Trivial feature requests
If your post falls under these prohibited categories, it may be deleted or ignored.
  • Can I apply to be developer for CA?
    • If you're proficient in PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS, and MySQL, and have an excellent grasp of server-side programming and software engineering principles, then apply for our volunteer software engineer position when it becomes open. Otherwise, just message Comp.
  • I don't have a bug but I have a cool suggestion. May I post it here?
    • No, this page is solely to update you about development and to provide a platform for you to report potential issues with Canterlot Avenue. However, if you have a suggestion related to an issue, that is welcomed! Feel free to comment on though.
  • Why are you using [insert something here]? I know a much better way!
    • First, read the "WHAT NOT TO POST" section. Second, we're excited to know you have creative thinking skills. Apply to be a developer and help your peers.
  • I'm having issues with a certain user. Could you please ban them?
    • We're sorry to hear about you troubles with other users; however, we advise you to please contact a moderator. Please see for a list of Royal Guards.
And remember kids, XJ-9 is best robot.