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: Sanctuary was formed in a small town in a neighboring kingdom. The founding members originally made the organization to provide shelters and safe spaces for everyone. After the idea proved to be a rather large success in their hometown, the organization decided to try their luck spreading their ideas and ideals to other communities around the country. : The organization’s goal is to provide safe havens, Sanctuaries, for all ponies in order to protect them from, and rid them of their fears of the evil that seems fixated on destroying their lives. : The line of command within the organization. Leading Founder - The initial founder who started the organization. Secondary Founding Members - High ranking members who helped the Leading Founder realize his ideas. Spellbinders - The unicorns in charge of securing the Sanctuaries with evil-magic-repellant spells. Sanctuary Head - The ones in charge of the individual Sanctuaries. Member - The ordinary member of a Sanctuary community. [hr]
Cherry Bomb
Crimson Canvas
Pastor Brightheart
School of Curses
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Egypt specializes in the studying of curses, maledictions and witchcraft. The school brings accurate information and is also looking to buy new information from the afflicted, while also offering the opportunity to try our healing trial. Dark magic can be healed, and there's no better place than Egypt for that, no other place in the globe can do it as better as we do. Every country connects to our school. We receive many, and many types of curses each week, be magical samples, books, scrolls, ancient trinkets or gems. Our specialized group of cursed teachers take their time to study them, promptly finding a way to purify such artefacts for their common usage. New students may apply at the end of the month, we cannot guarantee your safety in such a dangerous environment, but we encourage you on the making and practice within our walls about such foul magic, but it's up to the student to be careful with them. After the first month of theory and safety agreement, every student that passes the first test, shall advance to the second floor, having fully permission to use the installations on the making, enchanting and healing of such. This is a serious establishment, if we see that you're not cut to be here or have the seriousness of a toddler, you will be removed from the program immediately. Personal Enrollments Availables: - Dark Priest. - Curse maker. - Witch Doctor. If you're interested in being cursed, have in mind, being cursed is not a nice thing to be had, you may, but the School will not be responsible if you change your mind. You may enroll for the healing trial but after that, you'll be expelled, a second chance can be taken the next month. Welcome to the Egyptian school of Curses.
Maxh Vezpyre
Summer Rose the Potato Queen
The Shadowbolts
Welcome to the Shadowbolts Academy. We're an organization comprised of unique and exceptional talents gathered from all across Equestria. Here at the academy, we undergo various rigorous routines daily to train our mind, body, and soul. We strive to be better, faster, stronger, to push past our limitations and of course to remind other competitors why we are one of the top, if not the best, flight groups in all of Equestria. While some groups dazzle and awe their audience, the Shadowbolts strikes fear, using illusions, combined with our aggressive, yet precise flight style to provide a thrilling heart dropping experience that is not suited for the weak-hearted. We are always looking for promising recruits. Let us help you bring out your latent abilities and together we will show the world what we can do!  
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Canterlot Avenue Confessions
A page to confess things that you like or have done (As long as they are not against the rules of the site)! Do you have something that you want to share, but have never been in a situation where it wouldn't seem random and out of nowhere? Well, now's your chance to do so!
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Canterlot Avenue Site Suggestions/Discussions
This is a page for users to get in contact with staff to come up with suggestions and offer a place onsite to discuss what features the website should add for the future that may be help improve the user experience. As this is a page for suggestions we'd also ask that discussion remain on topic and refrain from excessive derailment of posts. We’ll try to get to everything sent to us here but forgive us if we miss yours, feel free to ‘bump’ a post if it goes more than two days without a response from one of us. We’re more than open to negative feedback but we do ask that discussions remain civil and avoid attempting to call out users or staff members explicitly. At the moment it's being run by Jubilance and the rest of the PR team, please bear with us as we try to work with you. Provide functional and development concerns at:
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Element Of Poison
welcome to Element Of Poison the alternate universe of the Element of Harmony. you will get to know them. and maybe be friends with them. just do not be rude to them.they have feels just like you. so yeah if you have any questions of the EOP just ask Toxic pie she the leader of the whole thing. Toxic Pinkie Pie:( Leader) Toxlight Sparkle( Co-Leader) VenomShy( shy but dangerous) Rainbow Acid( the Rebel) Raritxic( The Deadliest fashion) PoisonApple Jack( The look-out) This Mip:FIM alternate universe belong to Funnygamer95
Demonic hooves