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Snow Storm
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Basalt Alltrades
// hell ye, i'm not great at spooky, but i tried
// i wasn't sure how to submit, i didn't want to have a huge blob cluttering up the forum post
Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
It can sense your fear
Smells linger in the air
Of sweets and blood
In the cold night wind
Whistling, howling
It can sense your fear
Your heart pounding as you look in the water
You don't recognize your reflection
Oozing wounds cloud your judgement
Your world starts to fade
I can sense your fear
Nightmare night, that special time of year,
When fillies and colts spread good times and FEAR!
That special time when costumes are worn,
Some pretty and pristine, some tattered and torn.
There's corn mazes and haunted houses and all kinds of fun,
Then plenty of candy when the day's finally done.
With all the activities its a great time for me,
So I'd like to wish all a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
(I don't normally write, so I'm pretty proud of how this came out!)
Adrian Coalhopper
A holiday limerick.
The leaves fall bare from the trees,
The rainspots soak through to my knees
And although it's cold
And though I grow old,
I still grin when I feel that fall breeze.
Black Parade
A spoopy haiku
Spoopy scary times
Giving me a fright tonight
I love Halloween
rustle rustle
slow walk on snow in night like turtle
screeching tree make you heart rumble
another walking sound that making you in trouble
the scream that make you feel
as he turning back with his grin that give you chilled
( **** This is so bad XD never write or try any poems before :S)
Dragon Breath
Fillies and colts
In the dead of night
Costumes of all kinds
Such a wonderful sight
And the stars are out
Shining beautifully bright
For only awhile
Everything feels right
But beware the mare
Known as nightmare moon
She always appears
Later or soon
Lock the doors
Hide in your room
Give her candy
Or she'll gobble you.
Rover Wonder
Heyo, here's my participation!! (Didn't want a post too long :p )
Acry Weaver (Inactive)
Nightmare Night is Here,
Acry's ready for Free Food,
Not quite the Spiders...
(Acry Afterwards - I didn't know they were fake ;o;
Hope the Haiku is okay ^^)
Desert Thorn
A simple poem from a simple gryphon
Flitter, flatter,
Pitter and patter.
'tis eventide,
all must hide.
Lock tight your door,
tip-toe top the floor.
Dim all the light,
Nightmare's night.
// It's not much cx But it's something. I like to play with words, make the dance across the tongue. Poems are fun but dare I say I may fare better with freeverse. Nonetheless I thought a set pattern would flow better for something like this. //
Mocking faces, pale and few
Walking, groaning, screaming at you
Strike them once, and watch them fall
Strike them twice, and watch them rise
But no matter how much, you come and strike
My army of damned, will rise and fight
Broken bread, showering
Gourds grinning
Boiiling black aromas
Guiding ghosts
i wrote some haikus highlighting my halloween pet peeves enjoy ^:)))
The porch light is on
The bucket of candy out
Stolen it will be
Masterfully crafted
Lit up pumpkin on the porch
Ready to be smashed
A skanky puppy
Scantily clad kitty cat
These are not customes
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