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Submit your colored eggs here as a reply to this thread!
Last update on April 21, 11:13 pm by Misty Nights (PR).
If Abby were a chocolate, this is what she'd be. Dark chocolate with equal tones of bitter and sweet, with a coffee liquer fill. No you may not have a bite.
Last update on April 17, 2:01 pm by Abby.
Seir Genevieve
Happy Easter uvu <3
Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
"Fluttershy, you will always be kind. Applejack, you will always be honest. Rarity, you'll always be generous. And Rainbow Dash will be loyal as can be. Pinkie will always bring laughter wherever she goes. And Twilight... you are and always will be the embodiment of magic. You lost sight of what's in front of you. You're here, together, willing to give everything you've got for Equestria. Nothing and nopony can ever take that away from you, because that's who you are." -Discord
Happy Easter, guys <3
Solar Sky
Happy Easter everyone! The colors I picked were my grandma's favorite she use to always wear it around easter and loved them. <3
Acry Weaver
Happy Easter, here's an appropriately coloured Ayylien egg :3
I hope this works
Last update on April 19, 1:24 pm by Acry Weaver.
Frost Bite the Guardian
Here is my entry! It is based off of Frost Bite of course and it is traditional. Originally I wanted sequins for the scales but was unable to do so, so I did glitter glue? Its hard to tell. But her ya go! Happy Easter everypony!
Last update on April 20, 3:55 am by Frosty.
Black Parade
How eggcellent
Took a couple of minutes to do, but heres mine.
Princess Unikitty
Happy Easter everyone!
This is an egg I drew, based on my OC Willow Streaks :3
Ametri, my diamond doge, as an egg.
Last update on April 21, 9:47 pm by Dexalot.
Chimie Changa
I gave the egg a good washing!