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Last update on May 2, 12:26 am by Kayla.
Talent: Singing
Backstory/Origin: Her talent came off almost like tradition. Her mother sang, her grandmother, and maybe even more farther down the line. Growing up she was surrounded by said music as well as had her strengths tested in nearly every musical class available in her schools. Life with music is always more pleasant than without. It was a talent and a passion, but when her cutiemark revealed it to be her destiny she just couldn't go on. What was something more personal to her she wished not to pursue further for instead the enjoyment of everyone. Not that she feared the spotlight, but she didn't seem fond of it either. She denied what fate laid out for her, and instead fled the scene with all else she had worked towards. Including abandoning her parents who pushed her so hard into passing down their traditional talents.
Why this cutiemark?: Scarlet is simply the only OC I have cared to make. I like to expand on one and progress than try to manage many.
thank you for the chance.
On The Double
Talent: racing
Backstory/ Origin: His father was a racer, and he really pressured Arthur (Double's real name) to go towards the racing route. It was really all he knew, being groomed and coddled to be the perfect racers son. He earned his cutie mark on his first win on a junior race. He hasn't come in first since...
Why this cutie mark: I honestly don't have many pony characters that have cutie marks.
Thanks Kay!
Emperor Corrigon Issum
Cutie mark:
Talent: Crafts
Backstory: Sand Dune had too much time on her hands. She would practice her clay crafts and specialized in making intricate designs with a tiny drill that she would strap around her foreleg. No one knows about that but many think it's because she's so ruthless she puts drills through skulls due to the position of the drill on the cutie mark. It scares people but really she just uses to make pots and intricate skull decorations made of clay. Because of that, she would earn her badge of honor in the form of a cutie mark.
Why: This is actually my ONLY character so far that I use and has a cutie mark!
Thanks Kay. <3