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by on April 17, 2019
This is a giveaway for 1 free patch!
- This is on Canterlot Avenue (but this is not a site event)
- Your entry should go into the forum post as a reply
- You must have a clear cutiemark picture, a vector of it is perfect, or just a picture of your pony with it
- In the forum you must fill out a form that is given
- There is a secret password to add to your entry, it's "Thanks, Kay"
- There is only one entry per person, anyone who tries to enter with their different characters will be disqualified so choose which cutiemark you want wisely!
- Giveaway ends May 1st
Forum post for entries:
About the patch
Winner chooses if it's iron on, Velcro, or sew on. Will be a max size or 3x4inches, may not be perfect in color and stitching due to these being homemade. The actual secret password is, Thank you for the chance. That will give you an actual entry if you put it at the end of your forum post. The thread used will be a shiny embroidery thread, I used a Brother machine to make these so stitching is as accurate as possible. If your cutiemark has many floating objects that don't touch each other the winner can choose to have them connected with the color of their choice.
BTW this is free shipping anywhere.
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Bright Brave
Hay nice patch.
That’s Cool Kayla
Forgot to mention, this ends on May 1st
I wanted to enter as Snow but I want Scarlet to win more so I'll take the L
Winners will be picked tonight! (About 9 hours from now)