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Spell Caster
Hello there this is a Rp that anypony can join. You can start your own, or replie to me via pm or here. Whatever your comfortable with. Here is my post.
Spell sat along a row of tress, overlooking the Everfree forest. He sighed softly. Adjust his hood a cloak. Looking around as he made his way deeper. The moon slowly rising over head, as the sun slowly slips below the horizon." Great. I tried to make it here, an low an behold. The sun is going down an the moon is upon us." With a irritating huff. He made his was. He head sinking low slightly, his ears drooping to the side." Would be nice to make a friend, who knows. I might've had a better time enjoying the forest then being alone." The wind blowing as it makes the trees away softly in the moonlight.
Topics: friendship, oc, friend
Silverspark:flying over the tree a young alicorn with a silvery coat and Violet blue eyes flying fast hey mane a light bluish color with a silver blue stripe as it flowed through the air "ah II cannot believe I lost my map to that timberwolf " she spoke to herself "landed Inca tree looking around get herself lost checking around for anymore danger" what were they thinking sending me on this task they know I am not meant for this but those for four will not listen "she checked her saddle bag making sure she has everything she needs before checking the sun then the moon
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