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Nar Kazunah
This RP will be based off of the "Special Containment Procedures Foundation", and will include a lot of information from it's wiki. If you have not already read about the Chaos Insurgency, Omega-7, or Subject 207 then I suggest you do so before entering this RP.
Backstory: The SCP Foundation has been coming up with new, safer ways to contain the anomalous constantly. New containment procedures, new containment cells, new technology, and more. 05 Command has recently implemented a new way of containing SCP-076-2 (named "Able"). 05 Command created a new Mobile Task Force in order to occupy SCP-076-2 so that he will not attack Foundation personnel. This new Mobile Task Force was named "Omega-7 'Pandora's Box' " Pandora's Box was considered to be a "test run" for using humanoid SCPs within the Foundation. Omega-7 handles most of the Foundation's dirty work, and has racked up scores of kills. So far, Omega-7 has been a huge success.
After hearing about Omega-7, the Chaos Insurgency decided that it needed a specialized force of it's own to combat Omega-7 if it ever attacked. As a result the Chaos Insurgency began "Project-207." Project-207 originally started with Subject-207. Subject-207 was subjected to numerous surgeries and procedures in order to cause anomalous effects to manifest. After years of work Subject-207 became a living weapon. Subject-207 uses psychological torture, and physical augmentations to disable, and kill it's targets. Delta Command decided that Subject-207 needed to be watched over during it's operations in order to assess it's loyalty to the CI. However, Subject-207's effects manifested in the betas and alphas that were assigned to guard it. Delta issued that the formation of Hotel-207. A team comprised of a variety of visually/hearing impaired CI personnel who could follow Subject-207 without experiencing it's anomalous effects. Over time advances were made and healthy personnel were recruited to Hotel-207 with equipment designed to block off 207's effects. Hotel-207 currently has conducted 10 raids on Foundation facilities, and has wiped out 1 Foundation AMTF (Armed Mobile Task Force.)
Delta has ordered Hotel-207 to hunt down and kill all members of Omega-7. As of now the Foundation is aware of Hotel=207, but not their plans. Hotel-207 draws closer to their target. If Omega-7 is destroyed this could greatly disrupt Foundation protocols, and give the CI a chance to strike at the foundation.
In order to be a part of Hotel-207, or Omega-7, or any other MTF you must submit your character sheet directly to Dr. Wells VIA PM.
SCP-076-2 and Subject-207 will be NPC's.
The highest starting clearance level you may have is: (Foundation) 1 for Researchers, 2 for Security. Beta for CI.
All selected MTF, Omega-7, or Hotel-207 personnel will be given Clearance level 3/Beta, those chosen as Commanders will gain Clearance level 4/Gamma
Please be able to produce 3 or more decent sentences in your replies. I hate to sound snobbish but some amount of detail will be needed for certain situations.
The Foundation and the CI will have separate, private areas for RP within their respective factions. Any conflicts, or important public information will be posted here.
There will be NPC spies within the Foundation, but their information will not always be accurate.
Only Security/Military personnel will be allowed to use Rifles,Shotguns,SMG's, and other "primary" weapons. Researchers may arm themselves with a handgun.
Winged races will not be able to fly unless they are outside, and not in the boundaries of a Foundation, or CI facility.
Magic users will only be able to use their magic to levitate and use items (I.E: Keycards, Guns, Books, Cups, ECT)
Character Sheet: (Post here, or send to Dr. Wells if applying for MTF,Omega-7, or Hotel-207)
Clearance Level:
Weapon Loadout:
(For MTF/Omega-7/Hotel-207 applicants only)
MTF applying for:
Disabilities(if any):
Occupation before Foundation/CI employment:
Name a character in the "Ressurection" SCP canon:
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Nar Kazunah
//Here's some example character sheets if you'd like something to compare yours with.
Name: Samuel Regent
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Race: Earth Pony
Appearance: Broad, muscular build with light gray fur. Brown, well kempt mane. Tail has been cut off in order to avoid causing accidents. Commonly wears dress uniform unless participating in missions. Mission armor is a mix of heavy and light armor parts for improved mobility, but adequate protection.
Faction: Foundation
Branch: AMTF
Clearance Level: 4
Occupation: MTF-Eta-5 "Jäeger Bombers" Commander
Other: Samuel is an experienced commander, who lead the Vanhoover SWAT team in the past. He was employed 10 years ago and was made ETA-5's Commander after only 3 years of employment. He's been ETA-5's commander ever since.
Weapon Loadout: Primary: FB MSBS 7.62×51mm NATO, Secondary: Smith & Wesson Model 460XVR .460 S&W Magnum. Tertiary: Ontario 1982 M11 EOD Bayonet
(For MTF/Omega-7/Hotel-207 applicants only)
MTF applying for: Eta-5 "Jaeger Bombers"
Disabilities(if any): Partial deafness in left ear.
Occupation before Foundation/CI employment: Vanhoover SWAT Commander
Name: Siegrim Morris
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Appearance: Lean, skinny, yet tall build. Fur is a light peach color with a light reddish-orange mane. Tail has been removed due to complications. Commonly wears dress slacks with button up shirts and waist length coats. Mission armor consists of light armor components for maneuverability, but light protection.
Faction:Chaos Insurgency.
Branch: Military Rapid Actions Force (MTF Equivilant)
Clearance Level: Gamma
Occupation: R.A.F TAO-03 (Commonly called "Eight Tailed Beasts")
Other: Siegrim was the former commander of the Foundation's "Epsilon-11 'Nine Tailed Fox' " Mobile Task Force. After defecting to the CI she was given Gamma class clearance and created her own "Rapid Actions Force" which mimicked Epsilon-11. Her R.A.F focuses on responding to attacks on CI facilities, and conducting raids on Foundation facilities.
Weapon Loadout: PRimary: FN® MK 20 SSR 7.62x51mm, Secondary: Magnum Research 45-70. Tertiary: Advanced Combat Tactical Tomahawk Military Edition
(For MTF/Omega-7/Hotel-207 applicants only)
MTF applying for: R.A.F TAO-03
Disabilities(if any): None
Occupation before Foundation/CI employment: MTF Epsilon-11 Commander, Brief employment in F.B.I Counter Terrorism unit.
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James Anderson
The threat is calculated for hopeful shoes or the field. The nature of the stint and is served for the officials. Partners filed for the rim of the goals or the true value for the generations.