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On the outskirts of Equestria's shining capital, away from all the changeling invasions, alicorn coronations, galas and grand exhibitions stood a park. It wasn't "the" park - after all, Canterlot was a big place - but as parks go, it was a nice one. Spacious, well-lit in the slowly-darkening evening of an early Autumn, before all the leaves have been shaken down, it was oddly empty for how nice the weather was, the mild air reminiscent of the fleeting summer.
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He nodded and pointed to a spot on the tree - sporting a crudely-carved heart with a pair of initials and an arrow through it. "It's fairly common in places like these. It's nothing serious, especially on older trees like these." He scribbled another little note on his pad. "Besides, it's nice to think that ten, twenty years from now, somepony will come back and reminisce. But in the meantime," he nodded, "the paperwork must be done."
- Ah, I see. JK and BR, huh? Anyway, what's the purpose of these tree descriptions? - the mane was getting interested about it.
The unicorn's ears perked up.
"Ah! Well."
He was a little conflicted. On one hand, he had a schedule to keep. On the other hand, he did love talking about his job. "You are familiar with the Running of the Leaves that takes place around this time of year, yes?"
- Well, I was running just once - I'm not so sporty - but yes, I guess. Why?
"Well, they work all fine and dandy in wide open spaces like forests and trails." He trotted over to another tree and started scribbling again. "Small, confined parks like this, not so much. But leaves still need to be shaken down."
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- I see, but, how the writing and examining helps the leaves fall? - she walked closer to a tree with almost full of leaves and looked up - Shouldn't we try to find some other methods to make them fall? Like, I don't know, asking a pegasus to make wind, or something - She turned to him waiting for an answer.
He grinned. "Oh, somepony already found another method. Sure, hiring pegasi to blow the leaves away, or strong ponies to simply buck them down would be practical but... where's the *fun* in that?"
He cocked his head at her, a wry smile still on his face. "Now, what if you could get enough hoof stomping to bring the leaves down without all that running around?"
The mane was thinking. She didn't clearly understand. - Without running? Could it be possible? - "and if is, how?" she wondered such a things. "And how does he mean fun?"
And she followed him.
"Of course! See, if you think about it, it's not the running itself that brings the leaves down - it's the stomping of hooves as the ponies race past. That's the whole point, after all."
He moved to yet another tree and made more notes. "So how can you get a crowd of ponies together, " he said, "and get them to stomp their hooves without really moving?" He winked at her.
- I see, that's true but... - she rushed after him - I think it's impossible to stomphing without moving, isn't it? You know something, don't you.. -
The unicorn have already absolutely forgotten why she came here.
"Oh, well... I mean, not like frozen or... not moving not moving, you know," he stammered as his train of thought was derailed. "Just... not moving as in not running around. Just... stomping hooves and stuff."
*Wow, smooth recovery there, master storyteller,* he thought to himself.
"Ah, I see. But what do you mean by this just stomping thing? Maybe jumping?" she started talking to herself "Jumping would be funny I think. I'd like to bounce around the park... like Pinkie does." she giggled quietly.
He rubbed his chin. "I suppose jumping could work, but it might be difficult to coordinate. However, what do most ponies do at the end of a, say, an enjoyable public performance? A play, concert, fashion show, any sort of production, really?"
- Well, yes, I think. However, there's not many space here for performances. - she looked around, counting the metres and searching a place without trees.
- Or - she turned to the stallion - ehat do you think, what should to do?