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So since I don't know where else to do this, I'm just going to create a thread. This is for all of my alternate characters, and at the moment it'll just be names and pictures and such because as I said on my profile, personalities and such will be revealed through RP. Also, if you have any questions about these characters, just ask. And excuse the horrible art for some of them, there are a few oldies here. Welp, here we go I guess.
Aubade, female, straight
Apollo, female, straight
Azuriah, female, straight (This picture was just cropped from the adopt sheet, can't remember the name of the artist. If I find them I'll update this) (Russet's older sister)
Cloud Burst, male, straight (My old sona, Polar's younger brother)
Erica, female, straight
Ivory Featherwind, male, straight (This is my sona)
Lavender, female, bisexual
Lisette, female, straight (This is a custom, again, I'll need to find the artist)
Noix de Coco, female, straight
Polar Vortex, female, straight (Cloud's older sister)
Ruby, female, straight (Technically she can only be straight anyway due to her species)
Russet, male, straight (Azuriah's younger brother)
Sukhoi Sokov (Sokol's older sister)
Sokol Sokov (Sukhoi's younger brother... I don't know why this is such a trend with me)
Vodacom and Vodafone (Sisters)
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