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Things are afoot.
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Shark Face
Or are they ahoof?
We are currently in Alpha development but are working on features, beta/alpha is open but by keys only.
Prince Carey
can i sample these keys? i'd like to test out the site for myself
Golden Heart | Just be aware the site is still partially under construction so not many features are up yet, we do what is "Live Development" The site is open but is under development so we can make sure certain features work, basically Beta Testers.
aww sadness i cant register, i bet this is gonna be cool though!
Golden Heart
As in you can't register yet or there was a problem with the system?
cant register yet lol, i can way! i just wanted to try X3 like you said keys only
Prince Carey
i alread found an problem in registration, it seems if you put an text in the box one of the boxes conferm email and desplay name they go behind the text in front.
Golden Heart | We have a discord that has an area for bug reports if you would like you can put it there if possible add screenshots so we can see the issue.
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