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Welcome to Operation: Final Battle 5; Herbert's Takeover! Unlike last year, however, I will need to do this on my discord. To make up for not doing this on Canterlot Avenue, I will be posting the important and tense parts for you all throughout this huge Operation. You guys will love this, I'm sure of it. So, what is this year's Operation all about? Well... To put it shortly: Herbert found our base, and took it over while we were away on an important mission. He uses the teleportation network to catch all of the USF's heroes by surprise, and proceeds to take over each and every beloved world. He's captured 80% of the force, leaving behind the majors of the USF: Myself, Jewel, Skye, Skystar, Maple, Rain, Yinu, and Flashwing. We must now turn to this unlikeliest of times and team up with our foes to take down Herbert. If you want to follow along on this big month-long event, follow this page!