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Buttermilk's Cow Army
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"The cow army grows with each day, they can't be contained!" This page contains the continuous growing cow army, here you can fill out the small application for adding your own cow, or just admire what is utter chaos. Thank you for stopping by! APPLICATION: Theme: (Can be anything! Please make sure it is appropiate and hasn't already been done!) Number: (Can be any number ranging from 1-1000, but do check in and make sure you ask if said number is taken, failure to do so will result in me giving your cow the next available number! Or if you would like you can put 'Next Available Number' to make it easier on yourself.) Name: (This is optional! If you can't figure out a cute name, I will try my best to help you out.) Cow applications are unlimited! Feel free to make as many as you'd like, these are good for getting those creative juices flowing!
Frost Bite the Guardian
Equus: Turn of the Millenium
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Equus: Turn of the Millenium is an RPG-lite Roleplaying community that takes place in a politically charged and potentially desolate future of the planet that plays host to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The community is built upon a foundation of a simulation of the world powered by the Equestria at War mod for Hearts of Iron IV. The game provides the background, political events, and the world that the players inhabit and react to. It is referred to as the 'Simulation'. Organizations and nations rise and fall according to what the game says, we're just along for the ride. Fantasy has been replaced by industrialization, and heroes have been replaced by politics. The new face of the world that Equestria inhabits is changing rapidly, and the beings that inhabit the nations of the world are just trying to survive in it. You will play as a character within this world. Equus: TotM is designed to be played half as a roleplay chatroom, and half as a persistent text-based MMORPG. It is best experienced if you treat it as a large game of DnD with a single character that you use to inhabit and interact with those in the world around you. As opposed to DND, your character is not bound by stats or an inventory pool, and is limited mostly by the context of the simulation, as well as your motivations for the character. Your character won't be monitored for what they have in their posession or the skills they know - but a character is always the most interesting when put into situations where they are ill-equipped or unprepared. Roughly every week in real time, the simulation will be advanced by one month. At this time, the various channels will be updated with new information as to what has been happening in the world.
Lieutenant Wild Strikes
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There is no need for introductions. I already know who you are. You can just call me Ghost, because thats what i am. Im a ghost. I work in the shadows. If you are my target, you will never know it till its too late. I will accept any job given to me as long as the price is right. My line is always open. Just know we will never meet in person and you will never find me. At least not unless i want you to.
Autumn Blaze
Charmy Glow