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Anarchy's Carnival of Chaos.
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Welcome one and all to my Carnival of Chaos, I Anarchy shall be your guide. Rules are simple I catch anyone causing trouble they get a strike. Other than that have fun!
Ask a Paramedic
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//DISCLAIMER: Admin is not an actual paramedic, or EMT. I cannot help you with serious medical issues. Please seek professional medical help if you're injured, or unwell. Hey there! Ever wondered what goes through the mind of somepony in the Emregency Medical Services field? Well, thanks to the power of bandwagoning, now you can ask one! Just post your question on the page's wall, and Asuka will respond as soon as possible.
Asuka Yakushi
Martin Sinclair
Rosa Cavalier
Ask the 4!
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Welcome to Ask the 4, where you can ask questions of any of us 4. You can ask any specific one of us any question you so wish desire, and we'll answer when we can. (Note from owner: It may take some time to make the reaction photos, so be patient as I do the posing in SFM. My mouse is actin' really weird recently, so bear with me as I do the photos.)
Aurora Blaze
Duchess Chrysalis
Ask Dr. Flora.
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Hello my name is Dr. Flora and I have decided to answer as much of your questions as I can, bear in mind however that I am a rather busy mare so please be patient with me.
Duchess Chrysalis