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My Little Toy Pony
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Welcome to this funny little AU! Here, our characters are not our characters, but rather official Hasbro merchandise of our characters! Specifically, those cute little brushable figures they make for the kids. This place runs on Toy Story rules, so these toys have their own lives when no humans are around. Rules: 1. Your character is a toy. Your character has no magic or flight. Your character is made of plastic, and plastic generally can't do either of these things. 2. Your characters live in the normal, mundane human world, from real life. No Equestrian magic is in this world. 3. For the sake of argument, your characters are all official characters from the show in this universe. Try not to think about the implications of that, your mind will break. 4. Have fun!!!
Sprouting Bulb
Calaco Fleethoof
Cherry Ribbon n Co
Ask Mantis
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Here is an ask blog for the original Changeling character Mantis!! she will respond either in a drawing or text response. I hope you all enjoy! and dont be afraid all questions are welcome!
Cherry Ribbon n Co
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The Menagerie of Suffering
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The Menagerie of Suffering is a group dedicated to the future games I might create. This come in forms of DND short games, puzzles, maybe even games night or even movie night. All in all, I will be doing future things that are both (hopefully) fun and rewarding. Join the Rat Boy himself as we go into a land of Suffering. A hellish place that makes people fear for their next day. Come and sit down, for the Menagerie of Suffering will begin!
Amy Callihan
Sprouting Bulb
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Warning:this page will have gore and horror related things The insanity virus is a virus that can be spread from pony to pony that can cause the pony to slow go insane and violent It is hard to tell when a pony is infected in the first stage,but you have to look at their eyes and cutie mark,if their eyes start to turn a dark red or their cutie mark becomes smudged or blurred,they’ve been infected
Cobalt ‘sombra’ straw
Princess Starwatcher
Toxicpie and friends
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This page is mostly about me and my friends. But you can ask questions about our life or just want to hungout in here or ponytown.
Miss toxic pie
Tanksgiving Festival
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Welcome to the official page of the Tanksgiving Festival and celebrations! We are first and foremost a turtle club, and Tank is our ultimate inspiration, but we are also truly happy. As such, we wish to share this happiness with everyone and help them find what truly makes them happy, and we believe the turtles WILL make you happy. Won't you join us in celebrating?
Amy Callihan
Bryce (Awesome) Shades
Mortifying Mummies
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We are here for the haunts and the spooks! Nightmare night is all about the scary and the creepy things! Like Spiders and toads! Pranks and tricks are just mean and rude! While spooks give us bone-chilling frights and thrill! Join the Mortifying Mummies! Use #Mummies to show your support!
Sunshine Serenade (Mods)
Acid Fang
Alder Pinedrake
Mischievous Manticores
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Hey everypony! We are the mischievous manticores and we are here to Pull some pranks and to have the full on nightmare night spirit! I mean this festival is dedicated to Luna right, the PRANK GODDESS so that's what its all about! totally better than scaring ponies, that's just mean and hurtful! Nopony likes to be scared, but after a prank everyone laughs! Join us to make nightmare night the most awesome night ever! Use #Manticore to show your support!
Misty Nights (PR)
Amy Callihan
Astro Blitz
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Welcome to Stickman's Adventures: Play Your Cards! In this adventure, Stickman and friends are tasked with driving back an invading force made up of... playing cards? Yep, you heard that right. Playing Cards. However, some evil force is driving these playing cards to commit evil atrocities... Can Stickman and his friends beat this new evil? Or will they fold? Find out in this special adventure: Play Your Cards! Based off of DAGames' Solitare series: Solitude.
Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Jewel, The Teal Hippogriff
Skystar, The Hippogriff Princess