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House Coltenheim and its city is a restored kingdom in the Frozen North beyond Yakyakistan and built along the slopes of Mount Everhoof and on top of a Massive deposit of the strongest metal in the world known only in the region as Stahlranium and New Coltenheim is built from it and used for many purposes ranging from construction to military and science and so much more due to its innate magical properties and even serves as the cities the main source of energy making the city more technologically advanced than the other kingdoms. The Primary residencies of the city include not just ponies but also Clydesdales with thick furs and hearty builds and size but also dragons and griffins and even some that cross-bred to create a mixed species that live here. The current ruler is Prince Nebulous Coltenheim 4th prince of the Frozen North and the new city and the surrounding territories not including Yakyakistan.
((Imagine Wakanda and Erebor architecture and infrastructure had a mix and meld and what we get is awesome.))