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There's a few things worse then Hell.. A person holding onto a blue shell till 2nd place is one of them.
"So it was you who kept doing that!" He Said through a speaker connected onto his headset.
Ambient Waves
Guilty ;w; I always hold onto blueshells till I can overtake first. Works most of the time.. Try to block that with your 3 spinning red shells thinking your safe.
"Well i can do this" He said leaning backward's behind his couch grabbing onto a lever pulling it and in a instant it turned off Everything in Ambient's house.
Ambient Waves
*Ambient Has disconnected from the game*
The Ghostling would soon flick the switch once again turning Ambient's power back on after he had won the race "Heeeeeeewwwwwwwo ?"
Commander Wyatt Ryder
It says something that I’ve never played Mario Kart (in fact I don’t like racing games at all) but I still get what you’re talking about xD
If someone threw a blue shell at me while I was in first, I would fall back so that the racer(s) after me would be hit by it too XD