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Ambient got a neopet!
Lavender Dawn
That takes me back. The mobile phone game got so much of my phone credit :’)
Ambient Waves
I have started the neopets again! It is 67 hrs old! So much nostalgia from kiko racing all the way to hersy bouncr
Vy Thresh
Aaa, that's awesome!
i should probably check on mine again.. poor baby kacheek also cute art
Ambient Waves
If it's still there, they tend to runaway, if unchecked for a long period If neglect and go up for adoption on the neopet adoption area
i've never had them run away ? it's been 7 years lol and they are still there
even the oldest account from 12 years still has the old neopets
Ambient Waves
Huh, cause the email I used seemed to have never allowed me to log in so I had to create anew account D:
your account could be locked for inactivity or password changed by a hacker but i don't recall any neopets ever going away