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Lady Camellia
December 13, 2018
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Excuse my poor English, it is not my original language but I am still doing my best. :clap: Zecora is one of my favorite characters and I simply do enjoy her. I love many of the canon characters, so w...View More
What is the name of the episode we first meet Zecora?
What is Zecora's first sentence?
In episode; Luna Eclipsed. What is Zecora's costume?
In what episode does this quote appear; "No noise, no sound, no din, no fuss, must interfere with your focus. Unlearn what you have learned, only then can victory be earned."
What is the name of Zecora's neck rings?
The Great Papyrus did Great answers to the questions only one wrong Papyrus will do better next time nyeh hehehe.
Lady Camellia
You did very well 😁 I am happy people enjoy it.