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Talon Brush
on May 10, 2023 143 views
Please visit the videos at the links below!
The Top 10 Pony Videos is a long-running project to document and showcase the most popular My Little Pony videos in the brony community. Videos featured on the list are voted upon during a week-long voting process at the beginning of each month. This project has been active every single month for more than ten years!
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• Playlist:
○ MLP G5 Animatic "Consequence"
Robin Jacks
○ Top Ten Starlight Glimmer Moments!
○ Real unicorn robot with a BUBBLE GUN ! Sweetie Bot 2560 V3.2
Sweetie Bot 2560
○ What if... Rainbow Dash was a Princess? [ANIMATION]
○ How Expensive Is Princess Celestia’s Crown?
○ [2-8.5] Ace Attorney: Elements of Justice ~ A Hanging Omen
Ace Attorney: Elements of Justice
○ [PMV] Believe in You
○ Apple Hunter
Vilord Studio
○ What I Learned All Over Again [Mr. Poniator Parody]
○ Misclick - A Fallout Equestria Animation
Pearmare Animation
► Honorable mentions:
○ [SFM/Ponies] PNI - It's Terror Time Again PMV
Fallen Ponies Production
○ (SFM/Pony) Forget It PMV
► The Top 10 Pony Videos of April 2022:
○ The Three Kingdoms
Shawn Keller
► The Top 10 Pony Videos of April 2018:
○ The Magic of Friendship ft. Brittney Ackerman & Ashley H
Optic Spectrum
► The Top Ten Pony Videos of April 2013:
○ Once Upon a Time in Canterlot
Full disclosures: Any placement of tied videos were determined randomly by computer.
Top 10 Theme music: "Back Again (Original Mix)" by Archie
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Used under Creative Commons license.
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