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Nebula Mist

Other. Lives in  Canterlot,  Equestria. 24 years old
Slime Pony
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What does it feel like to boop another pony, seeing as you are an ameoba? And what does it feels like to boops us? :3
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Nebula Mist
"When I get booped my snout just sort of gets squished. When I boop another pony I squish my hoop against their snout. It is kind of difficult to boop without bones and solid hooves."
what is a "slime pony"?
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Nebula Mist
Neb presses a gooey hoof to his chest. "A slime pony is me! A single celled organism made from a goo-like substance that can be completely controlled. I just choose to shape like a pony because it's what I'm most comfortable with."
"Ah. That makes sense. You must be an amoeba then."
Nebula Mist
"Yes! Basically an intelligent, pony-sized amoeba. There are many types of goo ponies and goo creatures out there, but they all are super rare. They used to be hunted for their slime, which is healthy and a great mane product."
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