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Shark Face

Male. Lives in  Equestria. Born on June 7, 1994
Probably a shark of some kind
Roleplay Universe
Imma keep the face because it's great. ok? ಠ_ಠ
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Shark Face
Been snowing all day and all last night have gotten probably like 18 inches and it has not stopped yet. So much shoveling v.v
Baron Redpath
at least it hasnt been raining for 3 days for you
Shark Face
I like rain but I guess not at this time of year
Twisty Fate Hoarder of Donuts
I wish I had snow.
Shark Face
It is nice but I was happy with the amount we had before this snow fall
Phantom Mane
I wish I had your problem. It got to like high 20's here (Celsius). Also, there is a massive fire.
Shark Face
Ye cold is better then hot
Phantom Mane
It's looking like my 12 hour shift helping with said fire may turn into a 24 hour shift. Help me
Shark Face
Wish I could lad
Shark Face
Been away for over a week and got all the boops.
Ambient Waves
*attached a laser pointer to he's head and turns it on* Sharks with friken lasers
 liked this.
Shark Face
I have become the deadliest of all critters mwhahaha
Ambient Waves
*jaw drops in amazement looking at her creation* my... God... It's beautiful..
Shark Face
Damn straight was a sexy tooth machine before but now a laser guided sexy tooth machine rawrg
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