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Dream Vezpyre

Other. Lives in Canterlot Avenue,  Canterlot,  Equestria. 22 years old
Interchangeable - Unicorn / Naga Pony
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I'm not as active here anymore. But you can find me on discord more often if you'd like at
A Smol Pocket Healer#8961
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we still miss you, dream. i still wish i'd used more chances to actually interact with you before you passed. hope you're okay wherever you are. jay still loves you.
come back plz
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Cally Ber
June, huh? Well June my name is RJ. Well to close family and friends. I wish I checked in on you during times where I would log in just to see how everyone's doing. Especially you. You were such an en... View More
Hey, I don't log in much on here, but can someone fill me in with what happened to this user? I don't want to sound like a idiot or anything, but I haven't had much time to log in this site and talk t... View More
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The Memorial
It's been over a month, but I still can't log in as Deafy without being hit by a wave of emotions. You're no longer with us, but you still are a good friend, and shall forever remain thus as long as ... View More
You didn't really seem to like me much and that means I didn't really get to know you much at all but I would see you interacting with people on the front wall a lot and people really enjoyed talking ... View More
Miss you so so much June. You were such a lovely friend and it hurts to have to lose you so soon. Rest well.
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So who keeps login into her account?
Like March 27, 2022 Edited
Darker Sky
Like March 26, 2022
Last login was March 8, 2022
Like March 27, 2022
That was me. I was able to unlock June's phone then and CA was still open in one of their chrome tabs.
Like March 27, 2022 Edited
//Bruh I'm so late for this but it's hella sad. I remember drawing their character back when I had a pc with me. I even remember interacting with them a few times but damn this is upsetting. T.T
Like March 26, 2022
I wasn’t really friends with Dream, they were just someone that I saw and interacted with every now and then. Today I realized I hadn’t seen them around in a while. I guess this would explain why. It hurts to know that there will be no further posts from them. I never would have expected to feel suc... View More
Like September 1, 2022
Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Mmm. Still miss ya, Dream. May the angels be with ya, friendo.
Like September 14, 2022
dream, i'm sorry we didn't talk much, you were a pretty cool person. we'll all miss you
Dream Vezpyre
WARNING! Keep reading! Or you're going to die, even if you just look at the word warning! Once upon a time there was a girl named Clarissa, she was 10 years old and lived in a mental hospital, because... View More
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Ephemeria Spring
clarissa more like clarissa kinda dumb
Like October 27, 2021
Icy Creation
One of these! It's been /forever/ since I've seen one of these! ...I don't miss them, no. They're creepy. But I haven't seen one in a while!
Like October 27, 2021 Edited
Papillon Crève-Cœur
New oc idea to rip off thanks.
Like October 27, 2021

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Dream Vezpyre
*whinnies* ((open rp))
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Like October 22, 2021

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