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Pitaya Dragonfruit

Female. Lives in the outskirts of the Forest,  Hollow Shades,  Equestria. Born on January 9
Vampire Bat Pony
Roleplay Universe
((Generally)) Adaptive, Usually canon Equestria
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Pitaya Dragonfruit
A friend who goes by Lotus-Candy on Tumblr (Sadly not going to link, has some adult jokes and such) and Flight Rising ( drew my baby - an...View More
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Lemon Breeze
Wow. That is alot of fluffy.
Pitaya Dragonfruit
Extra fluff.
Bright Brave
Pitaya Dragonfruit
no wAIT-
Bright Brave
YEs go~
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus run off of a cliff and grabbed onto a glider to glide down to the pony. He smiled as he landed in front of them. He soon passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday to you!
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Pitaya Dragonfruit
Hey hey hey, it's finally my birthday. Been a long wait, but worth it!
Head pats "happ Birthday~"
Celebrate Shores
Happy Birthday!
Bright Brave
Oh hey! Happy birthday to you too!
Pitaya Dragonfruit
Happy New Years~ * Pitaya sat atop her favorite tree, tail swaying. Everyone in Hollow Shades knew of the tree. The great oak, huge and old, with a crown of leaves that were worn and wilting, but sti...View More
Pitaya Dragonfruit
Oof happy new years wishes slowly getting drowned out in the plaza
Pitaya Dragonfruit
Sure, none of you have seen my artwork yet since I am fairly new. However, I can say it has been a huge leap for me, my writing, and my art this year. Before, I was struggling with problems in my life...View More
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Pitaya Dragonfruit
Equine or otherwise; A species/monster you'd like to see in mlp, go! (I'd love to see a Capricorn make an appearance on an Equestrian coast.)
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Lyle Machs
I haven't seen much of the stuff but do they have Kelpies or Hippocampoi? I feel like they'd fit right in.
Pitaya Dragonfruit
Ooh, totally! They have seaponies, but actual ocean horses from mythology? So much better.
Jade The Pegasister
My Little Human
Pitaya Dragonfruit
With Equestria Girls already made, I don't think humans would fit in the actual feral world of Equestria well - maybe, though!
Jade The Pegasister
weird stuff yep
Ember Ribbon
Give me one of the following: Wyverns Wyrms Hydras Minotaurs And the monsters that get featured in r/niceguys
"I think we already have the last three, lad."
Ephemeria Spring
Get up on the hydra's back!
Queen Umbra
Hail Hydra
Ambient Waves
What about r/nicegirls does that monster count?
Pitaya Dragonfruit
Far as I know, minotaurs and hydras both exist. Wryms, too, depending on what you count as a wrym. The quarry eels and those monsters in Three's a Crowd should count.
Pitaya Dragonfruit
Can't wait to tell my family 'I haven't seen them since last year' tomorrow at midnight.
Pitaya Dragonfruit
Also, on less of a light note; If you see any abandoned pairs of dogs or dogs who look like they recently gave birth, ((Generally they will have a collar but no tag)), around the time after Christmas,...View More
Pitaya Dragonfruit
"Are vampire ponies allowed to eat garlic? Because if not, we're going to have some serious issues with my Italian obsession."
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