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Welcome to The Equestrain Zariman Crew! In this new RP that anyone can join, we dive into what it was like in an equestrian version on board the colony ship, the Zariman Ten-Zero... prior to the void jump that started everything in Warframe. How is life aboard this version of the Zariman? Find out!
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Atomic Orange
just my little place to store reference photos for Atomic Orange, Trinity’s skating rink! i don’t expect much, if any, RP to take place here but… y’know all the photos were made by my bestie the best the most wonderful the kindest Trip Wire, who made all this in Sims
Trip Wire
Welcome to Operation: Final Battle 8; Time Unwound! This is 2024's Operation: Final Battle. In this one, our heroes find themselves in a time loop thanks to the Dragonkin known as Kerapac, who controls the time artifact The Needle and the powerful Staff of Armadyl. Separated by time and space, Stickman and Jewel must work their way through alternate timelines to get their friends back thanks to a new power infused from the Staff of Armadyl. But how high a price will be paid to rescue their friends? Find out in this time-bending Operation: Final Battle!
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Welcome to Operation: Final Battle 7; Glitched Mess! Although things kick off in January, I figured I'd make this page ahead of time. In this epic story, things are going haywire within the Cartoon Worlds, and it could prove catastrophic unless taken care of. That's where the USF comes in. However, troubles arise within the force's inner ranks when something very bad happens that may lead to a heroic sacrifice that could change everything...
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Welcome to the 10th anniversary of my series! Here you can see the big special for the 10th anniversary of my series. What a decade it has been, full of new characters, new adventures, foes old and new, so on and so forth. Ready to see the big special and why my series means so much to me? Then step right in, you came to the right place! In this year-long adventure, we take a trip down memory lane and get a first-hand look at 10 years of my guy kicking so much butt and making so many great friends. From the first adventure that started it all in the Rio Jungle, to the big full-scale takeover of the sentients with the the recent Operation: Final Battle 6, this adventure will have everything from the 4 main series!
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
"They came out of nowhere... we were unprepared for them... if anyone can hear us... this is Jewel Gunderson. Please help... and please bring my brother home." Welcome to the 6th annual Operation Final Battle! In this big event, the sentients have taken over the Cartoon Universe, most of the major world factions are overwhelmed, and worst of all, Stickman is missing thanks to a confrontation with a man named Ballas. The USF has been forced underground, hoping to find their hero and bring them home. But a stranger appears out of nowhere... could they be the key to ending this war? Find out on Janurary 15th, 2022!
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
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The story of multiple characters brought together by fate, each with their own troubles and hopes. As they bond together or fight each other, slowly they struggle to move towards the day where it all ends. Whether fate will be kind or harsh on them will depend on each other.
Darker Sky
Doctor Glimmering Rays