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Rainbow Chaser

Male. Lives in  Cloudsdale,  Equestria. Born on April 4, 2001
Pegasus/Dragon(only slightly see bio, coming soon i promise)
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Rainbow Chaser
Challenge: The cities of Dallas, Charleston, and Indianapolis form a triangle. Dallas to Charleston: 980 miles; Charleston to Indianapolis: 595 miles; and Indianapolis to Dallas: 746 miles. If Dallas ...View More
Butterscotch Ormand
Using the law of cosines, we can find that the vertex in Charleston is 49.47 degrees. Since Dallas is to the west and on the same latitude, the bearing to Dallas would be 270 degrees, making the total bearing to Indianapolis 319.97 degrees.
Rainbow Chaser
Could you put that into N degree W Form
Butterscotch Ormand
I noticed a typo in the above answer where the 10^-1 places disagree, and I'm on a city bus and can't see my notes to confirm which is correct, so either N 40.53 W or N 40.03 W
Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
"Happy birthday!!" *Pinkie pulls out her Party Cannon and fires it! Pew! Confetti rains down everywhere!* "Woohoo!!"
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus jumped out of a plane and parachute down to the ground. He soon smiled to the pony. He then passed them a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
Rainbow Chaser
Hello, my fellow ponies. I have some news. I am sorry I have not gotten back to you all, some things have come up. I will be taking a hiatus from the site until more of my privacy is given to me. As f...View More
Knight Wolf
Knight has been wandering the forest looking for the dragon pony
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Rainbow Chaser
RC happens by the wereponies path again
Knight Wolf
Knight stares at the stranger, he recognizes his scent, the dragons scent
Rainbow Chaser
RC stares back at the werepone realizing who it was.
Knight Wolf
"What are you, you are no normal pony," Knight says as he approaches the pony
Rainbow Chaser
My ancestors mated with dragons for centuries. We are an old family.
Knight Wolf
"Hmmm.. it was your blood that i awoke to days ago, do you wish for rebenge?" Knight asks ready for a fight, he has been very frustrated lately
Knight Wolf
Knight jumped forward too. he used his claws grab the pony and pin him down, "Why do you not transform?" Knight asks irritated that he would try and fight him like this
Rainbow Chaser
"I'm to relaxed" RC said fliping the werepony over. even unchanged he was abnormally strong.
Knight Wolf
Knight does not resist, he steps back, "Then you are not who i seek," he turns and begins walking away
Rainbow Chaser
what to weak to fight with a pone
Knight Wolf
Knight looks back at the pony, "i do not wish to fight for the violence of it", he looks at the sky and sees the sun starting to set," i simply wish for something that wont die easily to keep my monster busy as the moon travels the sky," he then moves into the darkness so only his red eyes can be se...View More
Rainbow Chaser
With the moon rising and his antidepressants wearing off, he took offense at this greatly. "WHAT!" His voice deepened into a roar. "FIGHT ME YOU COWARD!" He transformed and jumped at the retreating red eyes.
Knight Wolf
Knight watched the dragon thrash around, he studies it from the darkness, e is curious, is this similar to his transformation or is it something else, can it heal or would it die if enough damage was done, he stalks it from the darkness, observes it more, the moon is calling him but he is calm
Rainbow Chaser
*Rainbow Chaser establishes a Command economy*
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Rainbow Chaser
Made my first Friendship letter. My next one will be my bio, promise.
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I know. Making a friendship letter feels weird. I need to write more tbh.
Rainbow Chaser
ikr. what does tbh mean btw
Ngl, idk m8y. But I can't check atm w/o running the risk of getting rekt.
Rainbow Chaser
i get the rest but what does ngl mean?
Not gonna lie
Rainbow Chaser
Rainbow Chaser
That's cool
Octavia Philharmonica
Well theres nothing wrong with that.
Ice Wisp
And the whole class clapped
Rainbow Chaser
Me too
Rainbow Chaser
someone like me.
Which doesn't change anything, we're still friends! C:
*The dragon would just pat the stallion's head. Not seeming to mind or even think about his words.*
Ray River
me to
Raijin Ha
*Raijin keeps his guard up*
Rainbow Chaser
you got something to say?
Rainbow Chaser
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