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Buffy held her hand - I mean hooves - in front of her face. She stared at them. What the hell had happened now. She was probably sent to another dimension, it didn't seem like a bad one.
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Bright Brave
DAM IT BUFFY! Back in THE day. We used to call you Beefy the cow slayer.
Buffy made a disgusted look on her face. "Really??"
"I don't feel beefy."
Bright Brave
Really really. Xena was always cooler and I had a crush 0on her.
"That's good to know. If you don't mind, I better try and figure out how to get home."
Joki Konjo
"Huh. Not sure why but... You seem oddly familiar." The human blinked a few times, muttering something about vampires under his breath.
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