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Trixie Lulamoon
by on August 17, 2019
Hello, everyone. You may be wondering what's with the title... Well, I'll cut right to the chase.
For two weeks now, i had been working on a project. A big group RP. A second swarmling war, that anybody could take part in and influence. I spent two weeks of time building it up. Making lore. Getting people exited.
It's only just now that there are several things I didn't account for. Organizational and time frame things.
I hate to say this, everyone, but I'm going to have to seriously draw back that amount of people involved to a small group.
I'm sorry everyone.
If you are upset, i completely understand. I don't blame you. Scream at me if you must.
I let my ambition go unchecked with this one. A bad habit of mine that I continue to fail to learn from.
To those of you who were eagerly following it, waiting to jump in, I'm sorry.
To those of you who wanted to see where it went with such a alrge participation rate, I'm sorry.
To those who have actually contributed to it already, and now your efforts and ideas are going to waste, I'm deeply sorry.
I'm sorry everyone. Scream at me, rage at me. Whatever. Take it out on me, the ringleader. Not the ones who so willfully followed me in my foolish ambition.
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The Crystal heart
I got way too over excited for this...ughhhhhh. Whelp to you lucky few enjoy.
Artemis Bleu
do whatever makes you mentally alright !!