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Lemon Jubilee
by on September 8, 2019
Once upon a time, in a kingdom that no longer exists, there lived three princes. The youngest was reckless and always getting into trouble. The middle was... indifferent to just about everything. He didn't care to do anything if something threatened his kingdom. And the eldest, always trying to control everything and hates it when he can't. Unknown to them, they tortured their citizens. Their from families would get injured by youngest one's antics. They get no support from the princes, and when they tried to leave, the eldest forced them to stay by saying horribles threats and scaring them into submission. This went on for a few years, until their father and mother decided to plot against them. They seeked help from a witch to get back at them for their misdeeds. One day, the princes' mother suggested that they go for a leisurely stroll in the forest. Of course, the eldest was against it but his brother was all for it. He loved the thought of adventuring the vast unknown. The eldest was out voted and the three made for the forest. The three princes came across an old cloaked mare. The mare had asked them to follow her to her home. The princes had declined her offer. "I am only out here to please my brothers'- my brother's need for "adventure." The eldest replied. The middle-oldest only gave a "meh." The mare responded with, "If you come with me, you will be rewarded handsomely." The princes' eyes suddenly glinted with greed and all three stared at her curiously. "What kind of rewards?" the brothers had asked. "Whatever your heart desires, it will be a reality. Such as, adventure all day long. Or countless gold." Two of the brothers replied cautiously while the youngest eagerly accepted. They had gotten to the cabin and entered when the mare spoke, "In order to fulfill your desires, you will need to pass a test." The brothers looked at each other as the mare got out a strange orb. She had asked them to follow her once more and they walked to a strange circle surrounded by tall stones covered in magical glyphs. The mare asked to get inside and, while two of the brothers were hesitant, the youngest grabbed his siblings and ran into the circle. The glyphs started glowing and a magical barrier had surrounded them, cancelling all magic in the circle. The old mare had revealed herself as Seirsha the witch and told them how this happened. Their faces turned to horrified shocked and they started begging her to let them out. Seirsha ignored them and her orb started glowing as she chanted magical words. "You will suffer like your people have." The stones and orb shot beams at the brothers and they were surrounded by blinding light. Their screams fading away. When everything had settled, the brother awoke to find they had be fused together. Not only that but they had been stuck in a parallel dimension that allowed them to see other ponies but other ponies could not see them. They were trapped in the stone circle for centuries. The king and queen took their rightful place in the kingdom and made all well again.
Ponies say that the three headed alicorn will break free of their prison and seek bad ponies to place their curse on. Of course, this is a fae-tale to scare foals into being good. But who said this story wasn't true, if not a bit exaggerated? The seal will break and release them in due time.
Hope you enjoyed. Part two?