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Mina Marzipan
by on October 24, 2019
Though it's universally believed that the mare has a childish and absent mind, Mina's new hobby says otherwise. She finds that writting them down in the form of poetry a great way to release her own thoughts; those too personal for her to write in a journal. Even if no one quite understands the meanings, Mina still picks up her quill. Onto paper the colour of snow, in a cute little pink book, the mare found sometime to be alone, so she could confess her feelings as shown:
A brave little kitten
Wandering alone
Its eyes watered with the reflection of the moonlit night
Its fur shaken in the dark shade of white
Burdened by its own loss of focus
The night is ready and releases its shadows
Overwhelmed, the kitten cowers
The pressure of its collar builds, tightening around its neck
Maybe it should go back and stay safe
Or maybe it's better off all on its own
Whenever the collar tightens harder
It notices a tug on the leash
No matter how far the kitten tried to flee
It always gets pulled back
Down comes a large hoof
The darkness of the night overshadows the kitten
Fear strikes down to its heart
Yet the void brings a filling to purify the kittens spirit
Comforted and full
The kitten begins to grow
It's learned its lesson now
The shadow no longer emits its peril
Faintly, the kitten sees a blue light beaming in the distance of the shadows
Feed, little kitten, feed
It may even help guide your way
The collar tears
The kitten is free
The blue light is blinding all now
Suddenly, the kitten feels the embrace of the hoof once more
Never to fear the shadows again
Topics: poetry, lore, backstory
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