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Starlight Glimmer
by on October 30, 2019
Dear My Old Self,
I've been looking back at the old Friendship letters that you/I made. I now cringe at you, myself. The Friendship Letters I made were so random, I made a lot of typos and such and had no understanding of what I was talking about. (Well, except for the "Dear Hasbro," one) So this is advice for future me. Please, when you read this tell me if it made any sense at all. If there was meaning. And Remember not to leave Canterlot Avenue for about 3 months again, because you/I do that all the time. Continue on to have a good Life.
Sincerely, Starlight Glimmer , October 30, 2019
Topics: random
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We all cringe at ourselves. You're brave to acknowledge it.