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Mina Marzipan
by on November 15, 2019
Mina lays across her bed. Peacefully fallen asleep. Her quill rested onto the paper in the little pink book in which she wrote out her thoughts:
Play Time
Imagination is my bestie!
Silly string makes a mess everywhere
It's sticky and gooey and gets in my hair
We did dress up and dancing and other fun things
I can't explain why I don't feel the joy that you bring
I've been picked up and twirled around
Spinning and spinning until I'm all weak and dizzy
There was something I lost but now it's been found
But I wish that it wasn't sometimes
I keep all the memories we have in a safe place
I lock it behind locket deep in my heart
And when I find my lost toy, I open it again
Out comes rainbows and glitter!
I'm very happy that we're friends
I never want our play times ever to end!
Sometimes, when they do
The magic all stops
I'm stuck with Reality
He hits me with rocks
They beat against my heart
And shatters my heart, spewing my rainbow blood
I try not to think of him
And I ignore him a lot
But he always comes back and I can't fight him
I just have to wait
And we can make those memories again
Forever caught in a loop
We play again and again
And we spin
And spin
I hope that next time
Play time never ends
So when he comes back
You'll fight him away for me
After all, you're my best friend...
Topics: poetry
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