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Honey Glow
by on November 17, 2019
Nurse Honey Gloom is the third highest ranking medic. She is kind and has a gentle touch when dealing with patients. She excels with diagnosing. psychological disorders and is qualified to write prescriptions to treat the patients that suffer from them.
Solar Star is Honey Gloom's intern as she learns more than her days in medic school since coming under Honey's tutelage. She usually only handles giving out prescription drugs to the soldiers that have a script for them.
Shadow Wing is the highest ranking medic dealing only with the cases of life and death of Daybreaker's soldiers. He usually keeps to himself when not on shift.
Midnight Venture handles the less serious cases such as amputees, broken bones and other injuries that aren't quite as life threatening. He usually has a smile on his face when talking to his patients.
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