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by on December 1, 2019
Anyone is allowed to make up any award for anyone but themselves. Ships can be nominated but nominators can't be in ships. Polygamy allowed. 1st to get nominated gets the award. 1 user/ship per award
♥ Users ♥
‘The one’ and only fish in the sea = Hymn
Amazing girlfriend = Seir Genevieve
Angriest typist = Seir
Best Abby, Abi, Abbie, Abbee (just any spelling okay) = Abby
Best artist with colored pencils = Fable Daydreams
Best at tasing Freddy Fazbear = Seir Genevieve
Best AU maker = Trixie Lulamoon
Best babe = Baby
Best Bath Bomb = Amethyst the Hippogriff
Best big brother = Prince Solaris
Best birb = Amethyst
Best bird thing = Prince Hawk Zephyrus
Best bone pone = Ondrea
Best boomstick = Angel Wingate heart
Best boyfriend = Phoenix Genevieve
Best bug = Zaten
Best caregiver = Gen Tonic
Best canon pone = Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
Best cheerleader = Aurora Cassiopeia
Best coconut = Phoenix Genevieve
Best constant source of hatred to balance out the positivity with = Demonic H. Hooves
Best dad = Basalt Alltrades
Best demon possessed mom = Abby
Best derp = Ambient Waves
Best doctor = Dr. Marina Bleu
Best dev = Comp
Best discord = Nitro
Best Ducks fan = Comp
Best flower horse = Ephemlemia Spring
Best founder = Princess Corona Lionheart the IV
Best friend and best person = Comp
Best friend no 1 deserves = Frosty
Best Git = Commander Wyatt Ryder
Best goodest girl = Scarlet, Paragon of Pillow Ponies
Best Goth GF = Absinthe Noir
Best hand holder (would and do want to hold again) = Frosty
Best horse tickler = Hex
Best Husbando = Prince Solaris
Best kitty = Veronica McClaw
Best Kitty Kat = Sophitia
Best lil shit who needs more appreciation then they get = Seir Genevieve
Best list maker and deserves more appreciation = Pride
Best Little Brother = Prince Artemis
Best Little Sister = Lesa Castle
Best lover = Princess Corona Lionheart the IV
Best mama longfish = Hymn
Best mom/mama in the whole world, no one can compare = Gen Tonic
Best mom figure = Hymn
Best mute besides Charlotte = Dream²
Best of the best = Pidge
Best partner in crime = Cynbel Ferode
Best person to ask nonstop Pokémon questions to because you suck at games but you try = Frosty
best person to cry with = Absinthe Noir
Best person to have around my server = Aurora, Paragon of Pony AIDS
Best person to Heather with = Mina Marzipan
Best person to talk to = Stardusk Strider
Best person to talk to problems about = PinkBow
Best pink puffball on CA = Kirby
Best pocket camp buddy = Abby
Best Ponk artist on here and Hymm would sell literally all his shit to get stuff from her = Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
Best Prince = Prince Solaris
Best Prince(ss) = Prince Artemis
Best purple bird = Amethyst the Hippogriff
Best quiet user = Shady
Best rat boi = cynbel
Best role-playing Partner with actual character Development = Moonlight Secrets
Best role Player by far = Daine, Logan & Socks
Best royalty = Prince Artemis
Best RP buddy = Ember Rose
Best ship buddy = Lucid Melody
Best shit out there who won’t accept my love = Trixie Lulamoon
Best shoulder perches = Commander Wyatt Ryder
Best singing mare = Sophie Hoofington
Best tiny pon = Yamato
Best to Role Play with (Prince Hawk Zephyrus still hasn't though) = Abby
Best toll fish = Hymn
Best uplifting comments = Princess Unikitty
Best vampire GF = Mina Marzipan
Best voice man person dude = Golden Heart
Best when perished = Basalt Alltrades
Best wife = Trixie Lulamoon
Best, uhh, yes... = Aurora, Paragon of Pony AIDS
Biggest good = Tornado Turbulence
Bottom Bitch = Phoenix Genevieve
CA's affectionate roundhouse kick to the face = Abby
CA's favorite sociopath = Phoenix Genevieve
CA’s official boomer = Phoenix Genevieve
CA's sweetheart = Pride
Coolest princess not made out of Lego = Princess Corona Lionheart the IV
Devil's Advocate = Gen Tonic
Favorite mom = Gen Tonic
Feistiest = Lula Vieve
Fiercest = Frosty
Fellow fan of AU insanity = Trixie Lulamoon
Fiending for that demon = Seir
Gave Lula Vieve the win = Phoenix Genevieve
Handsomest = Phoenix Genevieve
Hotter temper than a taki = Lula Vieve
Kinda cute NGL = Dream²
King stinky = Ice Wisp
Loveliest = Pidge
Man easiest to fight with but still lovable = Phoenix Genevieve
Most deaths in Minecraft = Lula Vieve
Most fashionable pony = PinkBow
Most fun to bully = Lula Vieve
Most Precious Lil Bean = Lana
Most valid kitsune = Eιƙσ Aƙι
Positivity icon = Bubblegum
Sends the best memes = Twisty Fate Hoarder of Donuts
Smuggest = Gen Tonic
Stankiest user out there = Abby
Steals Frosty's lunch money = Vatican
Stripeboi Numero Uno = Adrian Coalhopper
The biggest bully = Frosty
The biggest of the biggest bitch = Phoenix Genevieve
The official biggest bitch = Lula Vieve
The Perfect Child = Lula Vieve
The saltiest user = Kitsune
The second most deaths in Minecraft = Seir Genevieve
The worst hotel = Vatican
Will pun you into oblivion and not care whatsoever = Abby
Winter Queen = Frosty
Worst person to play Red Dead Online with = Lucid Melody
♥ ships ♥
Best and cutest Sapphic ship = Absinthe Noir + Mina Marzipan
Best angry children pair = Lucid Melody + Cynbel Ferode
Best cat moms = Frost + Lula Vieve
Best Drgs = Captain Sky N Nova + Prince Hawk Zephyrus + Hrothgar
Best friend group = PinkBow + Mina Marzipan + cynbel + Hex + absinthe noir
Best gay boys = Phoenix Genevieve + Seir Genevieve
Best grill Ship = Absinthe Noir + Mina Marzipan
Best ship = Gen Tonic + Lula Vieve
Best wives = Gen Tonic + Frosty + Lula Vieve
Gen Tonic would literally sell all her possessions for their love = Lula Vieve + Frost
Give the best smooches = Gen Tonic + Frosty
Gooders = Pidge + Tashi
Has the voice of a marshmallow = Frost + Pidge
Honestly the sweetest horse people like who are they? Do we deserve them? Not at all = Tashi + Pidge
Lula Vieve would die for = Gen Tonic + Frosty
The best people of all time = Gen Tonic + Frosty + Phoenix Genevieve + Seir Genevieve + Pidge + Tashi + Lula Vieve
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Wat about me? ;-;
Best normal unicorn: Stickman, The Normal Unicorn!
best best friend: Fable Daydreams
best cootie: Butterscotch
He blushes heavily "o-oh my" he whispers shyly.
best artist (my opinion): Seir Genevieve
best bf/husbann <33333: @Minty~ (wont let me tag him for some reason ;-;)
best dad (XDD): Amity Guard
Fable Daydreams
Awww Acci <3
best kindest: Bubblegum
Sandra Blastmark
The most reliable rp partner: Julius Gemstone Its all i got cheif! Take it with pride!
*casually friends*
Fable Daydreams
Best homie Livulah <3
Nitroxus Soulspins
Best Brick Mansions Dragonfly
I don’t understand this
But thank you.
Nitroxus Soulspins
Best Movie I ever saw on Netflix with Paul Walker...
Ah, I’ll have to watch it
Nitroxus Soulspins
It's so good.
Top cop: Veronica Cuffs Top DJ and employee: Strobe
I have jobs Stop liking each other!
You made your bed, now lie in it.
Never >:3
Julius Gemstone
*Soft gasp* I am!? Ohhh god's my heart!!
Phoenix Genevieve
Best lesbian ship: + Frosty
Phoenix Genevieve