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by on December 29, 2019
Persona sighs as she pushes her door open to her room, moving slowly inside.
She'd been trotting around the castle with Snowy again-even being a bit jovial. The stallion was cute, even if she wouldn't admit she found him cute often. He wasn't terrible. And she was also baffled he didn't outright hate her. He really should. After what she did. But he doesn't. She rather appreciates that really...
What she doesn't appreciate at the moment is this castle. It seems oppressive. Sepulchral. Melancholy. At first it had felt...comforting, like it fit her mental state. But now she found herself wanting to get out. She did not want Drago to thing she was betraying him though...she still feared him.
Her thoughts are interrupted by the squeak of her door, and as she turns, she beholds Dendrite's eye. The slitted, red pupil narrows before she butts into the room, eyeing everything.
"Hmmmm...surprised you don't have fan pictures of him up yet." the mare says mockingly as she exaggeratedly eyes the blank stone walls.
"Don't know what you're on about..." Persona say in response as she starts making her bed.
"You do. You really do. You only ever hang out with him anymore." Dendrite hisses at her as she turns her head with a gimlet eye. "You have FUN with him..."
"And? That a crime? You jealous, Dendy?" Persona says without bothering to turn. "He's not bad. We are."
The mare's face is incredulous as she fully turns to Percy. "Really? You THINK that? After..."
"After what? Drago? Maybe not so much. He' a past. But you? Definitely Belisarius, undoubtedly...and that creepy demon dude..." she shakes her head. "Ugh. Just ugh."
Dendrite lowers her head dangerously. She looks like she's about to pounce, she's so angry. "Oh I'm bad. You don't know jack shit about me. Miss time travel pity party."
Percy turns slowly, staring at Dendrite. The only person she'd told that story to in depth was Snowy, which meant someone's been peeping at keyholes. "Actually, I do. She boldly presses towards Dendrite, forcing the mare back a few steps. "I read about you in the archives. Your entire story."
The darker mare seems to wilt a little as she backs away from Persona. "Stop..."
"No. You even...expect me to OUNCE of pity for you? You're a rich, privileged little girl that came from a nice family and wanted to outdo your big sister. If you had come from where I came from, you wouldn't have lasted a WEEK." Persona hisses at Dendrite accusingly. "You joined Drago because it was was an easy way out."
"I did not! I did not my parents were IMPRISONING me!!" Dendrite wails as her eyes water. "They wouldn't give me money for my college in Manehattan, they wouldn't let me follow after my sister..."
Persona looks like she's going to pop a vessel as she starts yelling at Dendrite in earnest. "WERE YOU SIXTEEN? WERE YOU NOT OLD ENOUGH TO PACK SOME BAGS, TO LEAVE, TO FIND SOME FRIENDS? WERE YOU UNDER HOUSE ARREST? THERE WERE SO MANY OPTIONS BESIDES JOINING A VAMPIRE TO BECOME SOME ARCH VILLAIN TO INFLICT MORE PAIN AND SUFFERING ON PEOPLE DENDRITE!!" she yells, venting her spleen as she backs Dendrite up against a wall. "Oh and you LIKE suffering, don't you? You got a mean streak nastier than the scare on a manticore, you LIKE being wicked.." she lowers her voice as she presses her nose up against the other mare's. "Oh you think you're the only good peeper, Dendy? I watch. I watch you. I watch how you treat our prisoners. How you feed. You don't feed because you need to-you relish every moment of pain, of control. You LIKE being in control. You sicken me. I thought you would be a great friend, but I could never, EVER be friends with someone who enjoys hurting others like you do..." Persona whispers in her ear, before moving away.
Dendrite seems to have stopped crying, and is only standing still, shaking. "'re...right...I do enjoy this. All of it. Maybe....maybe Drago just...turned me into the monster I was always meant to be...maybe it was an awakening...but you know what? I've been stupid. Because this whole time...I convinced myself...that I could be friends with someone as LOWLY as you..." she hisses as her pupils dilate, her fangs baring as a feral look crosses her face.
"You...really think...just cause I don't have some blood disease that makes me act like a monster I'm really LOWER than you? Do you really?" Persona says, not a single trace of fear on her face as she raises the foreleg that holds her cuff. "Go on. Try it. And let me remind you, this thing limits my powers, it doesn't contain them. So please, by all means, break it." balls of brass on this girl.
Dendrite twitches with anger, but her expression stays even, not even responding.
Persona just turns back to her bed, pulling out her bag with a wave. "Get out. And stay away from my friend, since I know you're going after him to hurt me." she really does know Dendrite's personality too well.
"Don't worry, he's next." the hiss is predictably close to her ear, but she doesn't have time to do much more than jerk her neck so Dendrite's teeth miss it and sink into her shoulder as well. She may not have the strength of an earth pony, but it's easy to turn the mare's pouncing momentum against her as she crouches and grabs Dendrite's head, hurling the mare into her wall as she yells "BITCH!"
Dendrite's screech in response half rage and half exhilaration as she tastes Percy's blood-but the blinding flash of light prevents her from pouncing again as the mare transforms, although something is different about Persona when the smoke clears...not only is she wearing a different cloak than usual, but her right eye appears...badly damaged-a burn mark surrounds it, leaving a bit of blood dripping from the red thing as she heaves. "You're an idiot and I'm going to enjoy punishing you."
Dendrite would have offered a retort, but the ground explodes under Persona as her floor is torn apart by what looks like to massive stone totems erupting from the floor, weird insignias engraved into their sides with glowing eyes at their center. She might have made a mistake here...