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by on December 30, 2019
(First off im not an native english speaker so sorry for any mistakes i made. You could help me by telling on what i could improve or could change. Thank you)
FSB Head Directory Moscow
Report by Major Yuri Abakan analyzing the Country of Equestria
Economic, Military and Political analysis of Equestria
to start of this Report it is important to understand that when talking about equestrian we don’t compare it to Nations of our world. The Country itself is far different from what we are used too, also the Ponies living in it have almost the same understanding of Morals as we have but they are far stronger in holding these morals and acting on them. Friendship and communication is a very big part of pony culture. That leads to a very low number in crimes committed in equestria. If we take in all those things and add that the pony population is very loyal to its leaders, we can safely say that the pony culture and society is far more stable than the human ones. They seem to find a way for every problem they have.
Political analysis:
The Pony Population is being ruled by a group of special ponies. They are so called alicorns. They have major advantages in using Magic. Their construct of political system is formed upon those leaders. They are the backbone of the equestrian political system and are the only important point in this analysis. Also it is an running dynasty, those alicorns mentioned are creatures that can live for hundreds of years. With that they created a very strong hold on the pony population; those strong holds come not only from the alicorns ability to control the sun and the moon but also from their closeness to the equestrian population. They are a major factor when it comes to stopping any attempts by foreign powers to influence or attack equestrian soil. They are basically gods and there are not many countries that have the same magical powers behind them. If attackers would be able to somehow not deal with those alicorns they still have to face major resistance from the loyal population.
Economic analysis:
The equestrian economy is very agricultural based. But that is not a weakness. The ponies are able to control the weather and the sun, making farming very easy. There is no need for rationing of water or other supplies. Practical said, the equestrian economy is very basic but also very effective in what it is doing.
The Country can operate on its won without the need of importing foods or goods.
They lack key infrastructure like highways, stable roads and railways. They have created a fair amount of low level streets and railways but the infrastructure in its whole is lacking behind. Supplies and military troops need longer to be transported. Making fast reactions to strikes onto their borders and other important key buildings or routes almost impossible or and very ineffective.
Military Analysis:
From what I could find out the Equestrian military is rather small numbering in at around 50 thousand soldiers. Most of them don’t work in combat roles but mostly in support roles or policing roles. Their hardware is on the level of the medieval times. Soldier’s equipment consists mainly of steel/copper armor and swords or other stab and cut weaponry. They are well trained in the use of these weapons and combining their use with magic. From their standpoint the equestrian ground forces are for their world pretty well trained and equipped but of course lack the experience.
The Equestrian Navy is capable of reaction fast to attacks from sea by a rather larger fleet of naval vessels. Those can perform task from protection the shore line and ports up to laying blockages on other enemy countries or factions. Those ships are as well as the ground forces very old in their equipment and protection.
The Air force has not special vehicles as far as I’m informed or could find out. It is possible they have some sort of recon balloons, but not in large quantities. The air force mostly consists of special trained Pegasus ponies. They don’t hold any mayor role inside military combat besides recon and special operations behind enemy lines. They lack any kind of ranged weaponry besides cross bolts and don’t have any protective elements like the ground forces do with their armor.
Do end my Military analysis i will say that looking from equestrian standards the military is effective.
From a Russian view point their army is small, ineffective and simply not modern enough to withstand any attack of a big or even small military power from the earth.
End Report:
Equestria is without a doubt the biggest power house and player in the pony world. Their economic and political situation is stable and will stay stable. Their military is small but effective. Equestria would not have any problems in taking a more aggressive role in their world, but that is prohibited by the way the pony’s life and think. That small little detail makes them vulnerable from outside and inside attacks.
If the [Redacted] believes it is a good idea to [Redacted] I have no doubt that it will only take a few weeks, without [Redacted].
Also the question about the Geneva Conventions in case of [Redacted] it will be not [Redacted]
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