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Capt. Cherri Pai
by on January 11, 2020
In orbit around equestria, sol 3 the pony home world
“ Captain we seem to have approached Sol 3 but she is a vibrant green colour” said lime manning the helm
“ Are you sure? Check the star maps again. That’s literally impossible Equestria with evidence of life? Ludicrous!...” Cherri said sadly
“ If I may Captain, perhaps the experiment was a success and we are actually back in time.” Said Black Berry looking up from her tablet computer “ Whatever it may be down there we’re going to have to land soon we’re out of gas“
“ Lieutenant check the chronometer scan for life. either way we’re going down“ said Cherri
“Scanning now captain.” Lime said flipping a few switches and pulling on a small leaver “ Scans are showing signs of high life intelligent life of your kind about 8 billion!... Pre-warp society. Their computer systems show that the your displayed a 2020!...Captain I do believe that commander Black Berri is right...” she said in shock
All three of the bridge officers look out at the screen and look at each other and then the fuel gage
“Oh we’re screwed... that won’t even get us to alpha Centauri... Lieutenant, we have no choice landing procedures Aim for the everfree forest that little village should be perfect cover... I remember in the history files... it was called ponyville “
Black Berri laughed “Captain you don’t know a lick of ponish how are you gonna cope?”
“I’ll have to adapt number’s gonna be hard”
Under the cover of night the ship lands safely on the outskirts of town
“Lime put on the environmental cloak make the ship look like a cottage”
“Aye captain cloaking now”