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Mina Marzipan
by on January 18, 2020
Mina's been feeling really down lately. She's been spending a lot of time alone and needed to write her feelings out on paper. She was stuck between a mix of exasperation and melancholy, both controlled the quill in her hooves.
Black Rain
Thumping Thumping
In my brain
I feel your warmth douse my body
And comfort me until I smile wide from cheek to cheek
Happy little bits
Scattered everywhere
Toys in different shapes
Hearts and Stars, all over
Thumping and twinkling it's crimson glow
The clouds projected vermillion rainbow
So pretty for detatched eyes to see
As the near fleshy tone
Of whatever's left of my doll remains
Becomes a cold porcelain like shattred glass
Thumping thumping
Over my whole body
Acidic rain stings my eyes and dyes them red
So red
The cold sweet taste of snow
My favourite Winter treat
Raining down on me
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