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Lock On
by on February 5, 2020
A few days into kindergarten, and Everglow is already being bullied. Fortunately, the little one followed Lock's advice and reports it to the teacher, whom (who?) promptly calls the parents of both sides. Long story short, Lock had to confront an adamant bully's parents which escalated quicky.
After patching himself up and covering the gryphon claw marks under bandages, Lock introduces Everglow to comfort food, this one being a waffle, a scoop of ice-cream on top, and a whole lot of toppings. While the little enjoys mixing and matching the various fruit toppings with whipped cream, Lock questions his ability as a parent. Did he do the right thing? How will this affect the kid? Is treating the kid after all that just happened bad? Probably.
Bah! Why sully the moment with pessimism right now? The kid is having a blast of a time, and wants to show papa that the blueberry and whipped cream are especially "super wooper gooder". "Better to enjoy the present, I suppose" Lock thinks to himself, and snorts amusingly at Glow trying to teach him about the dessert he himself made. Kids right about the blueberry, feezing them in liquid nitrogen is definitely the way to go.