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Ambient Waves
by on May 6, 2020
Everything you read here is 100% Subject to change..Depending on Actions given below...But here's the Pitch to set up the stories.
"All right, welcome to Zephyr Kingdom, we have finally arrived! Please be extra careful, as the floating Islands and bridges connecting the islands are suspended in the air just above the clouds.. It's a long fall down." Spoke the blimp pilot though the speaker system scattered though the cabin.
" If you do fall, there is a team of Pegasus's whose purpose is to save any creature or creatures that fall.. And just a final reminder.. Devka is filled with hybrids and other species.. Please don't stare at them, they're just like you. Enjoy your time in the Zephyr Kingdom! " Another voice added from the co-pilot across the intercoms, as the door slowly started to lower.
You stand at the exit starting to check your bag to make sure everything is still in there.
"Books, pens..." You said starting to mumble though the list of stuff in the bag. "Right, that is everything thing!" You said confidently, starting to close the bag once again.
The doors lowered soon blasting you with what seemed like fast and rather cold winds. You shake a small bit from the shift in temperature from the rather warm cabin to the cold and windy atmosphere of the Zephyr Kingdom. You start to step outside of the blimp feeling the wooden floor on the other side looking out into the town.
The town seemed to have a rather angelic look to it, as the building found there seemed to be made of pure white marble exteriors and lapis blue roofs above them. The town seemed lively with ponies scattered about, as you looked around there seemed to be more hybrids, there was some ponies walking around with Bunny ears and a small round tails mixed about the ponies all the way to what seemed like Naga/snake like ponies with a jointed lower-half which helped them almost glide across the ground.
You start walking across the stone bridge making your way over to a stone paved floor following it though the rather large sky island you found yourself on. As you walked though the streets trying to find your way, you noticed the rather odd trees scattered about the island. They looked like giant pine trees in size with the leaves spread out like a oak tree. Soon walking though the streets of the rather impressive marble city you each a rather large lake with a sign in front of it with directions.
"Right, let's see here.." You start to say, as you approached a small wooden sign with arrows pointing in different directions. "Library.. Library.. Ah here we go!" You said smiling following the path throughout the town. As you looked around you noticed Pegasus's, Nagas, Griffins and more all interacting with each other happily with what seemed to be no difference in how they talked to each other or treated all going about their day.
'Well, at least Devka seems nice so far' You noted to yourself, as you stopped in front of a long marble bridge with a golden flower pattern inlay in the marble on the floor and what appeared to be long drawn out runes in the sides, going towards a giant floating island with what seemed to be a giant cathedral like building spanning almost the entire island that you can see, with what seems like spires connecting most of the building together with a giant a arch containing wooden door on the other side.
You start to walk across the marble bridge looking at the odd symbols or runes strung across the side, as it seemed to have what appeared to be grammar symbolizing that they might be telling a story across the bridge paragraph by paragraph went by, as after a rather long while you walk in front of the arch door way. The door appeared to be already opened a small bit allowing one to walk in between the wooden doors and enter inside the large cathedral like library.
Upon entering though the doors the first thing you noticed was at the back of the room, a giant stained glass circle with what appeared to be a yellow coated Pegasus with it's wings spread out and long lush green mane. Soon catching your eyes was the giant and expansive library, as there was tables on both sides of the walk way extending between large marble pillars with gold engrave pictures, it's as if each pillar is telling it's own story and history.
The Library seemed to have a rather large amount of ponies and dragons roaming around and sitting at tables in groups or alone. You walk across the silken red carpet across the long extended room towards what appeared to be a counter. You stop in front of it and look around for some pony, but you couldn't see anything but a bell. You decide to ring it.
A few moments pass before you were soon greeted by a Timber-wolf and pony hybrid, as her mane seemed to be a long leafy vine mane and tail with poison joke scattered across it. Her body seemed to be made out of soft twigs, there also appears to be a small glow where the heart was meant to be on a normal pony. "Hello, How may I help you?" She spoke with a rather soft voice for what a mare would look like.
"I-I am looking for uhh..Devka's History? I am rather curious about this place...I never heard of it before until appeared you closed off to everyone for some odd reason." You reply trying not to be thrown off by the Timber-wolf pony hybrid appearance, who then nodded and smiled in reply to your question.
"Of cause, follow me. we have tons of history on Devka, we have the biggest Archive in history...Anything that gets published or documented always ends up here." She said leading you up a large spiral stair case for three floors, as you now were no longer in the main area of the library, but in a hallway with a door to the side. "Just though this door here!" The Timber-wolf hybrid said opening the door, she looks at you and smiles. "Enjoy your time at Devka!" She replied, as she walks past you back down the stairs leaving you at the door.
"Thanks" You reply, as you walked into the room. There was a giant round circle table in the middle of the room with a lit candle in the middle, as well as some scattered amongst the walls lighting up most the rather large room. You walk into the room and look around seeing a massive amount of books with some missing. 'Maybe I should check back later every now and then to see if any come back' You thought to yourself, as you assess the options in the room. Looking around a few books catch your eye for you to choose from to read.
~Choice #1 in the Adventure~
One was A large book with a soft leather case on it with the side of the book saying 'Botanical Guide of Devka' upon closer look it more so seemed like a journal with slightly tattered and stained pages and cover [Link To Be Added when decided on what to do]
Another being small book that seemed rather well kept and decorated, as it was green with golden patterns around the corners, as the text on the side was in gold as well. The book was Titled 'Holidays of Dekva' [Link to be added when decided what to do]
There appears to be a gap between the next book that has a metal stand placeholder saying [This book Has been checked out Come back later to see if it's returned!]
A rather large book with a red cover on it titled "A guide to Devka" though the words seemed to be inscribed into the books surface, it seemed rather odd due to that. [Link to be added]
There appears to be a gap between the next book that has a metal stand placeholder saying [This book has been checked out Come back later so see if it's returned]
~~~~~Future Plans~~~~
CYOA Stories TBD
1.One Wild Night [TBD] (Mature Themes - Blood, Death, ect.)
2.War for the Skies [TBD] (Mature Themes - Blood, Death, ect.)
3.The Griffins Rise [TBD] (Mature Themes - Blood, Death, ect.)
4.The Fight for Tel'Adre [TBD] (Mature Themes - Blood, Death, ect.)
5.Echos of a Forgotten Past [TBD] (Insert your OC Story Takes place in the library here.)
6.The start of a new Era [TBD] - Rated E for Everyone..I think.
Before Things get mentioned and this all starts up, there is still a lot of planning going on here...That said I am trying to work out a solution to Hidden Posts in the Near Future...
Ideas For everything so far
1.Get Corona to add 'Hidden Option' so only people with links can view Blogs (Or it would result in a lot of walls getting blown up.)
2.Discord Server - Suggested to me, which allows me to use the Server as a means of bookmarks constant updates and rooms of Said books.
3.Off site link to FIMFiction (Privated) Novel Link
4.Custom Designed CYOA HTML (designed by me) or Find one (to use online)
5.Pain painstakingly Add blogs with friend groups and group evereyone based of there choices in the Story or such...Which would take maybe 10 days to update lists alone.
6.See if i can get a Custom Forum area for this entire post or try to do this though the Canterlot Avenues Forums in a seperate post with a locked Thread..and add links to comments based on choices.
7.Buy a Virtual Novel maker and learn that...and do it that way in a program...
Ambient Waves
I am just bumping this because, since this is a place holder and such. I am curious on what you all think aka some feedback on if you like the styling or if there is things that don't make sense ect!.