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by on May 17, 2020
There is a reason behind everything, such is the way of Whisper and there is a reason how she developed a certain phobia that only comes out during the summer month and beach weather.
It all started when...
Whisper sat in the back of the carriage wearing her summer straw hat and trying to bite and nom on the edge of it, on either side is her two adopted Dads Mitch on her left and Rory on her right, they had realized that she should not spend all her time in gelding grotto surrounded by the geldings and sought a way to educate her on the finer aspects of the world and introduce her to the beach and swimming in the ocean. Unfortunately away from the magic surrounding the grotto had left her two dads feeling drained especially compared to the energy of the young mare. "that's not for eating" Mitch says, "but it has flavour" chips in Whisper "not everything with taste is food" Rory replies with the tone of a parent well antiquated with dealing with a daughter who will put anything in her mouth.
The carriage arrives and excitedly Whisper tippy taps on both her fathers laps looking from side to side "are we here are we heare?????" and so with much juggling and finagling the family sets up camp, beach towels unfurled and parasols providing shade the three of them relax. Just kidding. Whisper runs along the shore pestering Mitch and Rory again and again. Sand castles are made and destroyed by the mad queen Whisper. then come the life changing moment, teaching Whisper to swim. Mitch and Rory encourage her in the shallows to swim between them, she starts getting it and learning happily swimming in the ocean for the first time.
The sea monster grew from the shallows and with it's viridian tendrels it took hold of Whisper and TICKLED her BELLY BUTTON.
Well that didn't happen, but in Whispers mind when the seaweed grazed her belly tangling her hooves and tickling against her belly button she cried "monster MONSTER SEA MONSTER" Rory went red with embarrassment and Mitch was able to free her but as they sat on the shore her frightened body shivering with fear and her eyes filled with tears her two fathers knew this was a crucial moment, she would not be swayed into returning to the water for fear of the monster.
Rory tried to convince her there were no monsters when Mitch spied something. He spied a frivolous sight, the fashion forward equestrian beach goer dresses for the occasion and to meet such need there stood a Swimsuit Stand. Mitch had an idea and returned with a swimsuit to match Whispers young diminutive size and explained that no sea monster could ever tickler her belly button if it was covered. This appeased Whispers childish logic and donning the swimsuit they tried again.
And she swam. and Swam and also she swam. The day was saved, parenting had prevailed and the two tired Stallions and the exhausted young Whisper slept well in their two separate rooms in the hotel by the beach. "she'll grow out of it" Mitch would coo into Rory's ear as the snuggle and slumber.
She did not.
Present day:
Whisper sits on a rock within site of the shoreline having swam there proudly wearing her blue onepiece swim suit and points to her belly button "No sea monster attacks" hooves to her chest she forms a heart "100% safe"