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by on May 22, 2020
Anecdotal stories time, yay!
So 1 time I was in the mall in line at Panda Express and a woman approached me asking if I could pay for her meal because she has 2 kids to feed. I just automatically gave her $1 without a thought. But then she asked for more. So then I just awkwardly stared at her and noticed a significant detail around her neck that only then struck my attention like a nail. She was wearing a pearl necklace! Even if it's fake, you can't pretend to look rich while asking for money. Fucking liar
And another time, I was walking to my job and about to enter through the mall doors when a dude asked me for money to afford bus fees, so I again automatically gave him a $5 bill. Then I clocked in at work and the 1st customer was the same guy! I kept eye contact with him and he pretended I didn't even exist
Don't be generous towards strangers. They're liars!
I was also generous to an online friend when I was depressed for years while I had a job. I've given up on life at that point and was waiting until I got fired before killing myse So whenever I upgraded my PC, I had useless parts sitting in my room collecting dust doing nothing. That online friend of mine was an avid PC gamer who played the same game with me often online, but he only had a shitty laptop that could barely even give him a decent frame rate. So when I swapped out nearly every part from gradual upgrades, I just straight up gave him an almost completed PC. My little brother wouldn't use it because he uses a mac and games on PS consoles anyways. I didn't care enough to try to sell it on Ebay or anything. I was being nice. He also got a $700 at the time CSGO knife scammed from him, so I bought him a replacement butterfly knife for $150 for him. I'm a Rarity, aren't I? ^.^
My online friend and I hate each other now and I wish I had everything I gave him returned to me now. But asking for even the mere digital knife back is a fucking rude cunty ass move. Maybe it's better not to, is it? Stay keep the noble sacrifice and never ask for anything in return, right? Everyone respects those kinds of people, right? Now my little brother uses a PC and I could have given him my old gaming rig. He could have saved good money. And if he games on PC, perhaps at most, all he'd need to do is replace the GPU and he's ready for modern gaming if he converted to playing games on PC. That online friend gradually broke and replaced the motherboard, CPU, and GPU of my old rig. I hate him more than I hate myself
Don't be generous to online friends either
I also used to have an online friend I played Smash Melee with very often. Back when I had a job and he didn't, I had a habit of upgrading tech and having useless replaced tech sitting in my room doing nothing until I could give it away. So I tried giving a 144 Hz Asus VG248QE gaming monitor to him and a Blue Snowball. His gaming PC was so weak, it couldn't even play OW at 60 frames/second. I admittedly forced those things on him, but it took me a longer time to realize that might have been pity generosity. But giving him a $60 game on Steam that I saw on his wish list didn't make me a villain. I didn't follow social politics at all at the time so I had no idea how seriously transgenders feel insulted when they get dead named. He was 23 at the time and for years, I've always known him as being a dude. So in the "To:" section, I wrote his name I've always known him by. He didn't thank me. Instead, he tweeted about how rude I was for dead naming him on Steam with a $60 game he wanted when he was still jobless
Don't be generous to RL friends because they might hate you if you make the wrong mistake. Also don't pity/force generosity. That's 100% purely my fault
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Pride forgot to 3rd person himself! He broke out of character! He was enraged