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by on June 14, 2020
Think about it
What better way is there to tell esports gamers "this is the shit you want" than to show the pros on stage using the same equipment?
What do gamers even think when they see a mere logo on screen taking up space? "WTF is this shit? Clutter? WTF do they even sell?"
Now imagine what they think when the camera points at the players getting ready to start playing and the angle perfectly shows off that Asus/BenQ logo on the back of the monitor? "Ah, so that's the brand that makes monitors lag lowly enough for world top players standards". Streamers could go a little extra mile when they name drop their sponsors and tell their viewers which exact model is being used. That eliminates the viewers' need to research which monitor is best when the pros and tournaments tell them what the best is... Or what paid them the most to use
Same for gaming equipment. Name drop those mice & keyboard manufacturer names and models
And same goes for commentator headsets. Like if Astro Gaming wants to sponsor a tournament, pay commentators to wear them during commentary
Or the same could be done for energy drinks. Red Bull, Monster, or anyone else could just put a big staff & top 8 finalists only fridge near/on the main stage for any of them to grab a can whenever they want 1. A pro taking a big show off swig on stage right before doing a famous tournament win is the best way to get viewers to remember hype shit about the drink. Proof = .
Anecdotal proof that this advertising works: Pride bought a Razer Deathadder, Corsair K70 keyboard, 2 Asus monitors, 1 Benq monitor, And an astro gaming headset for no reason beyond the pros using the same shit
Tournament sponsoring that looks ugly looks like . WTF are all of those things on the side? Pride gets that tournament running is a business and those companies are just paying that tournament company to stream those ad logos next to the gameplay footage. But it's just so ew is at least a bit better. They have only 2 sponsors on screen at a time and it's not a logo overload. It looks much better. Face cams are still ew. Why would anyone want to look at faces just staying there in the corner of a screen for hours? Tournaments aren't even getting paid to show faces when they could be showing ads instead?
(Face flailing is a psychological trick that attracts/retains brainlets because brains like stimulation and brains have a certain area that lights up when the eyes see a face. It's not art, it's psychological manipulation)
But that's Smash Melee and it conveniently, for sponsors, plays in 4:3 while the aspect ratio standard is 16:9 these days. What else are streamers gonna use that empty space for?
For games in 16:9, ads sometimes appear on top of the gameplay footage and it's kind of ew. The nakeder the game screen, the better the view for viewers, but also the less money sponsors will pay. It's choosing poisons, but it's clear which poison's preferred. Beauty in simplicity is underrated as fuck. Like, no 1 understands just how good low detailed visuals are. They're so relaxing . Pride would have his interest in esports retained longer if it wasn't such a sponsor fest, probably
Maybe instead of showing ads covering game screens, they could put ads on stage backdrops for when the RL cameras roll. Maybe viewers will remember sponsor logos better when they're not focusing on the game play they want to see. What else would they want to look at? The whole Fnatic team adjusting their butts to fit perfectly in those DX Racer chairs? More seriously, maybe all gaming rigs should have glass side panels to show off those CPU and GPU brand logos too. "So that's the hardware the pros use. Ah..."
When people see a pro doing crazy game shit, they're only going to remember the main event of the screen; the crazy shit. That Mtn Dew or whatever logo on the bottom won't ever exist in their memories. Probably
All Pride's saying are theory crafts about what works or could work for esports sponsorships and naked game screens without any ads covering them are better than ad covered game screens. He thinks he knows a good compromise yet doesn't have real world experience running a sponsored tournament
Update: Pride realizes his theories really only work for energy drinks and gamer equipment. Aside from backdrops, he doesn't know how to demonstrate other things. He doesn't even know what other companies often sponsor tournaments nor even what they make because he retired in 2016. Like, how would McDonalds sponsor a tournament using his theories? What if there's no McDonalds in the venue? Sponsors and tournaments just need to figure out how they can demonstrate products. Just putting up a logo isn't good enough
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Also, Alienware AW2518H is the best gaming monitor he's ever used and he has a history of testing 4 different models. 1 lag test he read says it only has 4.75 ms of lag. He wishes AW would sponsor tournaments more often because esports gamers need to use the best monitors like the model he uses. It'...View More