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by on June 17, 2020
Think about it
Esports is a business and businesses need money. 1 tournament runner & streamer streams at a horse racing venue that's in poorasfuck town and the place is so much worse than their previous venue, in Pride's opinion. He went there once and never wants to go back there again. But also they're like 50 miles away from his house anyways. Still, they are a really famous local tournament & stream team. He'd rather go to a tournament that's closer and in a better venue. They only food sold there doesn't offer free soda refills. F tier. Maybe if they had plenty of extra monthly income, they could afford to relocate to a better venue in a better town. The 2nd best tournament Pride's ever been at was hosted at a Ritz Carlton attached to a luxury mall. That place had Gucci, LV, and Rolex and shit. The architecture aesthetic was simply dope. If anyone ever hosted there again, of course he'd go ♥. The only better tournament he's ever been at was Genesis 1 which is probably Smash's 5th most important tournament in its history. The other tournament series is run in a 24 hour LAN store and it's okay. He doesn't think it needs upgrades. The streamer doesn't always stream though. Maybe he has a job to pay the bills and not the free time nor financial stability to turn streaming into his main job
Pride just thinks subscribing is the best way to help these businesses. Venue fees for both places cost $5 each. Subscribing to a channel costs $5/month. They're the same cost assuming once monthly. But actually, subscribing costs less because of gas costs, the cost of slowly wearing down the car, local fast food cost, and obligatory tournament entry cost. Pride aint even a valuable player anymore. Those tournaments are hassles to get to. Driving to tournaments is almost work. It's something he has to do to get what he wants. Since going to the closest of the 2 tournaments to him takes about an hour of driving both ways, that's like working for an hour and not getting paid. 1 wage hour > $5
Really, Twitch subscribing is just too much better of a way for Pride to support his local Smash Melee esports scene. It's cheaper and easier. He thinks the community already does this online. No need to criticize them. Top players rely more on streaming than winning to make a living. The results are far more reliable and far less stressful. Some top pros even quit the game to run their Twitch and YT channels full time. They're just being smart
When Corona's officially canceled, he'll try playing Melee again at his old friend's house just to be with his friends. He lives closer anyways. Pride needs purpose in life and Melee's just the best life purpose he's ever had. He has fun narcissistically watching old tournaments of himself and seeing the enthusiastic fire everyone once had. He think it should be rekindled. Everyone needs to get taunted and trolled more often
He won't ever return to tournaments, just to be clear. Simping and being with friends might be enough
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This is what Pride does with his life during Corona lockdown: Thought dumping publicly on a dead site to publicly organize his ideas and letting anyone call him a ******. Everyone should call him a ******
Also, there's always his coworker, Cringie, he can train him whenever work starts again and they have similar schedules. The break room's always open and they're allowed to play Melee there