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by on June 24, 2020
I kinda want this AU to be a specific measurement of noir and sci-fi. You have a visual representation of what I invasion up above in both monochromatic black and white as well as color just to help give the idea. This blog goes into detail the style of everything, or what should be everything.
The clothing would be mostly noir and 50s style. Mostly retro-looking spacesuits and the whole suits and hats and dresses sort of thing for normal clothing. Darker muted colors on the suits and dress shirts and pants. Leather jackets and lettermen's with blue jeans rolled at the bottom. Jungleboots and shinel coat or field jacket for all the military personnel who aren't wearing big metal suits which as you could guess would be something like power armor from fallout. This is while keeping in mind that these are horses and they don't wear clothes much.
Ships and vehicles:
The ships and other vehicles are of course 50's style with no sharp edges and curvy shapes. While spaceships aren't just one big tube that lands on its wings vertically they still kinda look like that but in its side with landing gear and cockpits with a window. Imagine a 54 Hudson Hornet, 51 Muntz, or 57 Bel Air as a big spaceship and that's spaceships in this AU look like.
Oh hell yeah. Classic retro 50s looking laser pistols and ray guns. Look up the Space Cadet Atomic Rifle you will not be disappointed I guarantee it. A noir spacepony's armory consists of any gun there is but it looks like a 50's space toy. Sniper rifle? Laser rifle. Tommygun? Atomic Raygun. Minigun? Atomic scatter blaster. Point across? Good.
Its jazz and anything Ratpack. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, etc, and of course anything swing or jazz with sexy trumpet. Yes, spy jazz counts its jazz.
Alright, we'll keep the good parts. Space mafia and shine runners and private detectives and jazz joints are all in the big vast space and on every planet. Greasers with their hotrod ships and all that jazz, hehe jazz. We aren't however gonna have the racial and gender inequality from the 50s. That can stay back in the 50s.
That's about it, for now, I may add to this later.
Topics: noir, space, aliens, 50s, au
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