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Lesa Castle
by on July 17, 2020
Not yet it wasn't, but four years ago it was... Lesa stood outside on the balcony looking over at the city below which city you ask? The capital city of Canterlot. She couldn't sleep mainly cause she had a bit on her mind, and she had just put her daughter to bed... here she was now engaged once more not only that but being an actual mother for the first time it would have been the second but... that didn't go too well.
Four years ago she was engaged and she had been through a few heartbreak over the years this happened to be her fourth relationship. Finally she had found happiness again, but that happiness disappeared on her wedding day. There she was standing at the alter in a lovely wedding dress with all her friends and family there. This was suppose to be the happiest day of her life, but unfortunately... her soon to be was in no show of course they waited just in case but when those minutes turned into hours? The more her dream got crushed...
She finally broke, and she fell into heavy depression. She tried to look past it, but couldn't… So a couple of weeks later when she couldn't take it anymore she attempted to take her life because she had enough! But she failed luckily mainly cause her older brother had caught her. Not exactly caught, but walked on in when she did it.
If it wasn't for her older brother? She couldn't be here now. Finally a mother, and getting married, but she was only still engaged at this stage. The royal wedding had no date set yet, but at least she was happy again.