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by on July 28, 2020
Before Pride went to work today, he was lurking B&N's manga section to search for next manga to consider and he found [he aint saying this manga's name]. Its name and cover flailed how much of an LGBTfest it is
Pride was curious and gave a 5 page sample read because he optimistically expected to be pleasantly surprised
He was not
Protag is a transgender with pigtails and sad because no 1 likes her (Biologically male)
And deuterag notices how friendless she is and says "I wanna be your friend"
Yeah, these characters are written like commercial props
Pride jumped to random pages to get random samples of panel flow and prose
Then he saw protag fan servicing
"Oh fan service, you" Pride thought to himself as he closed the book to look for others to consider buying next
After work, Pride did some research
He saw more pages of characters being written like commercial props and vol 3's spoiler is protag and deuterag go to a pride event
Fuck this book, it's absolute soulless propamanga
Pride wants gendered characters written like Re:Zero's Crusch and Felix/Ferris
Those 2 are ambiguously gendered
Crusch wears men's clothes because she hates looking feminine
She's a big military boss who even fights on the field
And she has an air of masculinity
She's a woman who gets shit done and expects everyone else to get their own shit done too
Felix/Ferris is halfway to being transgender
He wears girly clothes and in the novels he talks about how he prefers giving himself a more feminine, similar name
But he doesn't go demanding everyone use female pronouns on him
The story's fantasy world doesn't even have a concept of transgenderism
Those 2 are just being themselves in their own genderly nonconforming ways
And they're well written characters because they feel like real people with their own free will and history
Also, Felix/Ferris is a fucking OP lord. In vol 8, he canonically dies and revives himself
And he can control a person's blood flow to make them faint for the pacifistic take down
Or he can boil his enemy's blood to cause the most horrifyingly painful experience
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Bright Brave
So I need to be blood less
Yes. Or else you will die
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