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by on October 9, 2020
Day 1
Dear Readers,
My name is Diamond. I am a Unicorn-Dragon hybrid that has been possessed by Sombra. Obviously though I managed to get rid of him. In that process though, I absorbed his power. Today I decided to explore where he managed to hide from the princesses, the Shadow Realm.
So far it's very similar to our world, but is essentially the meeting point of every universe and dimension as well as it's own spreate thing. Also everything there is bathed in an eriee purple light and has no day or night, just a perpetual darkness. I have figured out that it is also a good place to spy from as you can see anyone, but they won't see you. You can basic access it from any shadow aslong as you have the proper magic.
One thing I don't think that I'll get used to is the green fire that represents souls in the Shadow Realm or the pathways that appear and dissapear depending on how close you are to them. In here I have managed to get a bag that seems to hold an infinite number of thing and a notebook titled Notebook of Mischief that has lots of uses.
I also manage to attract one of the souls I mentioned earlier. It has followed me all the way to our world. I think it's essentially like a fimilar since it helps me in some ways like lighting up a room, or offering advice when needed. It also can dissapear so others won't see it.
Tommarow I hope to explore a stucture that I saw a little ways off before I stopped for the day. I couldn't tell what it was, but I'm interested to see what it is.
Well since I have nothing more to report, I'll keep you posted.