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Ephemeria Spring
by on December 29, 2020
Rarely did Ephee ever feel the need to vent instead of sulking over a source of frustration until she naturally moved on by the end of the day. It was nothing serious, but enough for her to consult her venerable listener: Pocket. An ashy gray kitten who probably just enjoyed the social attention if not lazing around.
Pocket sat by the corner of the desk, molding into his special self-claimed blanket with a curious stare at a pony who had plenty of things to share while resting her head close by.
"-and yeah, I know what a marketing scheme is when I hear one! She was really nice until I told her I wasn't gonna "promote" any of that, then I turned into the worst neighbour - and we don't even live in the same side of town! And it turned out Sylvia tried to peddle my flowers around after getting them cheap. Wasn't even a bit guilty admitting to it, more surprised I didn't like it. That hurt, knew her for quite a while y'know? I know the town isn't close to perfect, but nothing this... uh, subtle?"
Stressed. Pocket could sense, or at least he seemed to. He mewled and waddled over, intrusively leaning into Ephee's face for a short moment of comforting warmth, until he reached the true goal of batting at her closest ear.
"Mhm, mhm... I do know much better people. It's just tough when a good bunch of them are a decent train trip away or off the path, yeah?"
She closed her eyes, content with her calmer state of mind. A nap would do, before the more chaotic kitten awakens...
Carmine Gumshoe
no, this is lore. little baby lore but still good lore
Ephemeria Spring
i dub it kitten lore