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Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
by on January 6, 2021
Hey guys! You guys may be wondering what the differences is between the main cast and their movie/series/game counterparts. Well, im here to help!
Let's start with the best bird around, Jewel.
In the movie, she's ferocious and wants only one goal: freedom. In my series, she's pretty much the same, except she's already free and is still ferocious.
In the movie, she cares only for herself and only cares about Blu about midway through Rio. She cares about her family in Rio 2. In my series, she not only cares for her family, but she cares very deeply about her brother, which is me, Stickman. She will do whatever it takes to protect her own feathers and blood, despite him being a different species.
In the movie, she calls Blu a Pet. In my series, there is no mention of Blu being called a pet.
In the Rio 2, Bia is smart and wants to learn more. In my series, she wants to become her mom and learn more about the arcane arts. I swear this one is related to Jewel.
Not much can be said about Skye since she's pretty much the same in my series as she is in her series.
As for Skystar...
In the MLP movie, she is personified as a child at heart, despite her clearly being an adult hippogriff/seapony. In my series, she's pretty much the same, except she's more mature in my series and will do anything to protect her friends.
In the MLP Movie, she's very fearful that the Storm King might return one day and take over her home again. At least that's how I interpret it. In my series, thanks to some coaching from me and Jewel, Skystar is more braver than her movie counterpart.
As for Yinu, despite her being a major and not a focus...
In NSR, Shes very bratty and only wants to care about herself. In my series, she's less bratty, and cares very much about her friends.
In NSR, she appears to only play the piano flawlessly. In my series, she not only does that, but can also play the Keytar flawlessly too.
Hope this helps clear some stuff up! If you guys have any questions, feel free to leave them here.
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